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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hamza Ali Abbasi Bids Farewell To Showbiz To Preach Message of God & Islam

Much sought actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi has bid farewell to the acting career for an indefinite period. The actor will devote his time to spread the message of Islam.

Pakistan’s versatile celebrity, Hamza Ali Abbasi has announced to quit acting for a long time if not forever. Abbasi in his long video message, posted on his YouTube channel and Twitter account, asserted that he will focus on spreading the message of God and Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi briefly discussed the journey of his spiritual awakening, which redirected his attention towards complex and solemn subjects like life after death. He added that his mind was entangled with multiple questions like who created the world and what lies after death. He asserted that his relentless quest for answers and the study of science unraveled his confusion on the existence of God and brought him closer to Islam.

He asserted that he is not leaving acting just because it is forbidden in Islam but because the culture of the entertainment industry does not resonate with his new goals and outlook. Hamza explained that if he continues to appear in quintessential movies and drama he would sway from his prime goal of spreading the message of Islam.

Since he is striving to live his life following Islam, in the entertainment industry he would be expected to do glitzy things that are prohibited in the religion.

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He, however, said that he will use social media space to share his knowledge and his experience of turning a believer and reverting to Islam from atheism. Hamza informed that in his upcoming videos he will be discussing the tabooed and sensitive topics that are otherwise forbidden to discuss openly in society; in that process, he is endangering his life but he does not fear to lose his life.

He also ruled out the possibility of joining electoral politics since political practices in Pakistan often force people to violate moralities to defend their respective parties. One has to adopt corrupt moral practices to succeed in electoral politics in Pakistan.

He stated that his work in the entertainment industry will be restricted to producing content that will disseminate the message of Allah. He assured he will be producing decent content void of vulgarity.

It is worthwhile to mention that Abbasi is among the few celebrities who have staunchly disputed with the culture of item songs in the movie. He opposed the culture of objectifying women in the movie.

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In October, he announced he will soon be making an important announcement on his future in the entertainment industry.