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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hamza Ali Abbasi, Naimal Khawar shares photo with son on anniversary

In the caption of the picture, Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote the translation of a verse from the Holy Quran about loving and caring for the spouse and offsprings.

Actor-turned-Islamist, Hamza Ali Abbasi and wife Naimal Khawar shared a photo with the newly born son on their first wedding anniversary. Hamza Ali Abbasi posted the picture on his social media platforms with a heartfelt note for wife Naimal Khawar and son.

Both Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar shared the photo with their son on their respective social media platforms. In the caption of the picture, Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote the translation of a verse from the Holy Quran about loving and caring for the spouse and offsprings.

“‘And one of His signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves so that you may take comfort in them and he placed between you Love & Mercy. In this, there is surely evidence of Truth for those who ponder.’ Quran 30:21.1st Anniversary❤ Thank you, Allah!” his post read.

Naimal also shared a photo of her small family on social media. “Couldn’t be more grateful to Allah,” she wrote, expressing gratitude for her blessings.

Hamza Abbasi blessed with son

The couple was blessed with a baby boy last month. The actor announced the birth of the baby boy on Twitter. The couple has named the son Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi.

“Allah has blessed me and Naimal with a baby boy, Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi. I pray that he becomes a grateful servant of Allah, a good, humble & honest human being and may Allah bless him in this life and the next. Please pray for us,” he said.

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Felicitation and warm wishes poured in for the couple. Fans, followers and colleagues congratulated the couple on their first child.

The couple married last year

Hamza Ali Abbasi married Naimal Khawar last year in August. The celebrities kept their relationship private. However, a few days before their wedding a wedding card with their names on it circulated on social media that stimulated the curiosity of fans and followers on social media.

Later, Hamza Ali Abbasi confirmed the news of his wedding with Naimal Khawar in a Facebook post. The confirmation from the actor came in the evening after social media had been in a frenzy for the whole day.

The netizens gave an overwhelming reaction to Abbasi’s expression of love for Naimal Khawar, in which he asserted, “Now we can’t even breathe without each other.” A large number of people appreciated the two actors for keeping their relationship low-key in public.

Following their marriage, the actor posted an image on social media in which he showered on his wife Naimal Khawar. He called her Allah’s “most precious gift for him”.

Taking to Instagram, the Alif actor shared an adorable throwback photo with wifey and wrote, “We took this picture almost 2 yrs ago when I asked my artist friend for painting & she made me this beautiful calligraphy.”

Just a few months after his wedding, Hamza Ali Abbasi waved a temporary farewell from the showbiz industry.