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Friday, February 16, 2024

Hamza Ali Abbasi protests against glorifying murder in name of religion

“I appeal to Security Agencies, Fed/Provincial Govts to take decisive action against individuals/organisations who are glorifying murderers. RSS type organisations are rising fast under the tag of Islam," wrote the actor on Twitter.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has appealed to the security agencies of Pakistan to stop the trend of people glorifying murder in the name of religion. He diverted the attention of people towards rising religious intolerance and hate incidents in Pakistan. He also asked the federal government to take effective measures to control the increasing incidents of religious intolerance in Pakistan.

He said he fears Pakistan would soon plunge into the irreversible abyss of religious intolerance if not taken care of immediately. With the ongoing condition, he alerted that the rise of RSS-like extremist religious groups in Pakistan that will damage the peace and social fabric in Pakistan. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-is a parent organization is the ruling party BJP in India. Left-wing RSS and BJP activists are promoting Hindutva ideology in India aggressively through the persecution of Muslims and other minorities. The extremists have tightened religious freedom in India. And it seems that India is fasting moving from a secular to a theocratic state.

Hence Hamza Ali Abbasi fears Pakistan may struggle with similar dark future if actions are not taken timely.

In an alarming call, Hamza Ali Abbasi has asked all the security agencies and federal government of Pakistan to formulate a coherent and effective policy to control the rise of extremist groups and individuals who glorify murder in the name of religion.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s views on glorifying murder 

“I appeal to Security Agencies, Fed/Provincial Govts to take decisive action against individuals/organisations who are glorifying murderers. RSS type organisations are rising fast under the tag of Islam. If we don’t legally/ideologically tackle them NOW, very dark times await us,” wrote Hamza Ali Abbasi on Twitter.

Moreover, Hamza Abbasi also addressed the people of Pakistan to educate themselves more on religion and adopt rational thinking over sectarian or political biases to evade the menace of religious intolerance in Pakistan.

“More importantly, the people of Pakistan, those who can rise above sectarian/political biases & see Islam for it really is, RISE UP & ORGANIZE YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY AGAINST THESE MURDERERS & THOSE WHO GLORIFY THEM or else prepare for a very turbulent time ahead,” he concluded his message.

In his earlier post, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that those who use oppression and murder in the name of Allah are the most misguided believers. He went on to add that people who deliberately ignore the calls of a few religious preachers who are trying

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to guide people and asking them to shun murdering people in the name of Allah are evils because they associate lie with Allah.

Hamza Ali Abbasi on rising religious intolerance

“If u support murder & oppression in the name of Allah, his deen & his last Prophet S.A.W & you refuse to even hear those few people who are trying to tell you that this is NOT ALLAH’S DEEN then know that u r among those evil ppl who knowingly attribute lies to Allah,” wrote Hamza Ali Abbasi on Twitter.

Actor-turned-Islamist, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been vocal on religious issues lately. Abbasi has stuck to the liberalist outlook besides retracting his life path towards spirituality and religion. His observations and thoughts contrast widely to mainstream religious preachers.

However, the Hamza Ali Abbasi series of tweets on religious intolerance came in response to the recent incident of a young man killing a citizen in front of the judge of Peshawar High Court on blasphemy charges. Muhammad Khalid Ghazi shot dead a man named Tahir who claimed prophethood. Tahir was the resident of Pushtkhara.

Incident of blasphemy in Peshawar

Reportedly, the man who belonged to the religious minority had claimed he was the prophet. The incident was reported two years ago and it was under trial in the court. Muhammad Khalid killed the accused in the presence of the judge during one of the hearing.

Meanwhile, Khalid had confessed to killing the man accused of blasphemy. In his statement he said, he was Holy Prophet had told him in a dream to kill the man. Currently, Muhammad Khali is under arrest.

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The incident set in motion a social media campaign in favour of Muhammad Khalid. People appreciated Muhammad Khalid over the murder of the accused man. Hence, Hamza Abbasi pointed out the mammoth of sympathizers of Muhammad Khalid on social media who glorified the murder in the name of religion, Islam and Allah. Basing his tweets on the social media trend, Hamza Ali Abbasi asked people to resist the urge to glorify murder and killings.

Religious discrimination in Pakistan

Earlier, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi says there exists immense religious discrimination in Pakistan. He expressed these views after CDA stopped the construction of the Hindu temple in Islamabad. The authorities halted the construction of the temple after a severe backlash from the cross-section of the society.

A bevvy of people protested the construction of the temple in Islamabad, a large number of people condemned the decision of the CDA to halt the construction of the temple. They expressed their angst under the #MandirInIslamabad and #MandirTauBanega on Twitter.

Hamza Ali Abbasi who has lately become very religious and has stopped acting for the past several months has also come up openly to express disappointment against all those who are opposing the construction of the temple.

Hamza Ali Abbasi vouched for religious freedom in Pakistan in his Twitter message. He stated that since Pakistan is a democratic state and not an empire or a Kingdom, every citizen residing in the country has equal rights.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is among the league of Pakistani artists who are vocal on social media and are not afraid to stand by their stance on different issues.