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Friday, April 12, 2024

Hamza Ali Abbasi, other celebrities slam man beating mother ruthlessly in viral video

The jarring video of a man beating his mother ruthlessly left the social media users anxious and at the loss of words. Renowned public figures and celebrities also joined the outrage against the couple.

A score of Pakistani celebrities slammed the man brutally beating mother and sister in a viral video.

Yesterday, a video of domestic violence widely circulated on social media that garnered severe reactions from citizens and a score of Pakistani celebrities. The video shows domestic violence- a man inhumanely beating his mother and sister with his wife allegedly on inheritance and property issues.

The jarring video left the social media users anxious and at the loss of words. Renowned public figures and celebrities also joined the outrage against the couple.

Celebrities slam man beating mother, sister

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi expressed complete disdain for the actions of the man in the video. “Ya Allah. I don’t have words. At all…can’t post that video. deleted it. Oh my God, deepest corner of hell awaits this demon who raised his hands on his old mother. Deepest most rotten corner of hell,” he said.

Actress Ushna Shah also shared the video on her Twitter platform and expressed her pain in the tweet. “In tears after watching this. This makes me want to fly to London and hug my mom,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

Shah also demanded to bring the perpetrators to justice. “How can anyone do this? This needs to be made viral, he needs to be put to shame. Disgusting. I’m so sorry to aunty, sorry Allah gave you such a filthy monster for a son,” she said.

Ali Rehman Khan also joined the social media outrage and called it a ‘despicable’ act.

“Despicable and disgusting. How can one even think of raising their hands and calling their mother names? Appalled and sick to the stomachs he needs to be in prison!” he said.

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Rights activist and actress Armeena Khan also took to Twitter and regretted the condemnable incident. “I’ve seen a video of this horrible human being beating his parent up. I didn’t have the heart to switch the sound on, just the video upset me beyond anything. I wish I was there to protect the poor woman. This fiend and his wretched accomplice need to be put behind bars!” she said.


What’s the underlying issue?

Yesterday, a social media user Zoobia Ameer released a video of his brother beating her and her mother on social media. Ameer pleaded for protection from law enforcement agencies. She requested people to help and save them from the wrath of her brother and his wife. Zoobia said that she wants Police to arrest the culprits. She does not want anything but justice.

According to the reports, the dispute was on property and cash. Zoobia Ameer said the family of her sister-in-law took all the cash and jewelry from their home in their absence.


In her video, she claimed that Police were reluctant to register a case against his brother Arsalan and his wife. They arrested him but released him after a short while.

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Now, according to the latest reports, Police have registered an FIR against Arsalan and his wife, certainly after immense social media uproar.

Celebrity Waqar Zaka in his tweet informed that eventually, Police have registered the case against Arsalan. However, he regretted the lack of support from the law enforcement agency.