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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Hania Amir apologize for her troll Snapchat video

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Hania Amir finally responded to the backlash she encountered on social media after she posted a video on Snapchat trolling a man on a local flight. The starlet said it was a fun-intended video. Her intention was not to harass the passenger but she apologises to all those who were offended by her video.

Talking to a local publication she said, “First of all, I’d like to apologize to everyone who got offended by the video I posted. That was not my intention at all. I would like to add that I took the snap down when I saw it again myself, as I found it extremely weird. It came out in the wrong manner.”

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The ‘Titli’ star also added that she is known for making vines and funny videos but she never thought of harassing the passenger by any means. It was just the change of expressions between two people, which she found hilarious.

“I’m known for making funny vines and videos and that was what the video was about. I wasn’t harassing anyone. That definitely wasn’t what I meant to do. It was just an exchange of expressions between two people and I found that hilarious at that time. However, I would still like to apologize to everyone for it,”

She also added that she was not using her star power to troll people since she does not consider herself a star.

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People did criticize Amir for misusing her star power to troll people.

Her controversial video also stirred up a debate that pointed out two different set of reactions that exist for harassment of men and women in Pakistani society.

People, however, expected the young star to issue a public apology on her social media account.

Her fans and followers now hope that the actress will be more cautious in the future and will avoid such irresponsible behaviour.