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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Actress Hania Amir under fire over ‘indecent, vulgar’ video

Hania Amir's video has gone viral on social media. The famous Pakistani actress is now receiving backlash from netizens as they accuse her of being immoral and indecent.

Actress Hania Amir has been under flak after she posted an apparently ‘indecent’ video with the son of director Wajahat Rauf on social media.

The video shows the actress lying with Aashir Wajahat while singing the song ‘Arzu’ by Hasan Raheem. Social media users have called the video ‘indecent and vulgar’. It is unclear if she had posted the video on her Instagram account since it is no longer available on her Instagram account but it is being widely shared on Twitter under the #haniaamir.




Social media users accused her of resorting to attention-grabbing tactics on social media. Others said that they have lost respect for her.

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Another group defended her saying that Hania Amir usually posts funny videos showing herself enjoying with friends. They slammed the trolls for ‘moral policing’ the actress.

The actress has received flak several times for her videos and Instagram posts. A few days ago, however, Hania Amir shared a message regarding the content she posts on her social media account.


“I share my personal life in little bits and pieces here. Some appreciate. Some think I shouldn’t. I do it to connect with the people who love me on this platform. I am here spreading laughs and smiles,” the actress posted.

“Remember me for the girl who touched your heart with a vulnerable meaningful conversation. Remember me for my kindness and love. Remember me as someone who tried enjoying every moment regardless of the challenges in her life,” said Hania Amir in the post.

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“Don’t worry. This is not an emotional giving-up post. Just saw some people commenting disgusting things. So just wanted to come here and remind my beautiful following to always choose love over hate. And vulnerability over pretense. Love yourself and others around you. Laugh. Live your life.”

“People who hate don’t know any better. Anyone having an issue with you having harmless fun and a harmless laugh shouldn’t be a part of your life. Peace. Xx” concluded Hania Amir.