Hareem Shah asks netizens not to associate her with every PPP leader

Due to the mystery circulating around Hareem Shah's husband, netizens have begun linking her to every PPP leader. The TikTok star uploaded a video on Instagram requesting her followers to stop such antics.

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TikTok star, Hareem Shah, has asked people to stop linking her to every male and PPP leader ever since she confirmed her marriage. Following her announcement of the marriage, speculators have been linking her to various leaders of PPP as she has not yet disclosed the name of her husband, who according to her statements, is a politician from PPP.

In a new social media post, she said that “I would like to announce in clear words: please stop associating me with random men. Before this I didn’t have a boyfriend or a relationship of any sort,” she said.

“If you have ever seen me in a video with someone else, the sole purpose was their promotion. Promoting someone from your ID or making promotional videos for someone does not mean you are in a relationship with them,” she added further.

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She said that she did not have any relationship in the past, otherwise, she would have accepted that.

“I had previously clarified that there was no such person in my life that I was interested in, and that’s why I didn’t accept anything. There was no such thing in the past, and know that there is, I have accepted it,” she said.

Rumors surrounding Hareem Shah’s mysterious husband

Two days back, Hareem Shah had announced her wedding with a PPP leader, however, she had not disclosed the identity.

Earlier, the news of her engagement had gone viral after she posted a picture wearing a diamond. She took down the post after a while. She captioned the post “Alhamdolillah”. Social media users are eager to know about her husband.

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Some rumors had linked her to PPP education minister, Saeed Ghani. Ghani, however, denied these allegations and showed his hands that he was not wearing the ring. Hence, he is not the man in the picture.

PPP leader Nasir Hussain Shah had also asked people to respect Hareem Shah and not to associate her with everyone.

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