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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Tiktok celebrity Hareem Shah ties knot with a PPP leader

She captioned the post “Alhamdolillah”.  Social media users are eager to know about her husband.

TikTok star Hareem Shah ties knot with PPP leader, confirmed the speculations of her marriage on social media. She, however, has not revealed the details of her husband yet but promises to share them soon.

Earlier, the news of her engagement had gone viral after she posted the picture wearing a diamond. She took down the post after a while. She captioned the post “Alhamdolillah”.  Social media users are eager to know about her husband.

Hareem Shah is a popular TikToker and social media celebrity in Pakistan. She has been in news for controversial reasons mostly.

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In one of the videos earlier, Hareem Shah was seen dancing with a PML-N MPA Muhammad Amin from Gilgit-Baltistan in a private gathering at a hotel.


Earlier this year, a video went viral in which Hareem Shah had slapped Mufti Qavi. In a recent interview, Hareem Shah revealed the reason behind slapping Mufti Qavi.

Hareem Shah mentioned that “Mufti Qavi had been invited to shoot for a TV program in Karachi and all his travel and accommodation expenses were paid by me. Mufti Qavi was doing vulgar conversation and everything”.

“After that Mufti Qavi physically harassed me. In return, I and my cousin slapped and started beating him. The purpose of making this video was only to show his real face in front of the people. He was continuously passing vulgar comments”, added Hareem.

Back in 2019, her videos in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad incited an uproar on social media. Shah was severely censured on social media for filming entertainment videos in a high-profile office.

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Shah can be seen walking in the committee room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the viral video. The Indian songs played in the background further fuelled the anger among social media users. The internet had been up in arms, inducing tensions in the upper ranks of the government leading to a probe being ordered by Prime Minister Imran Khan in the matter.

A score of social media users not only slammed Tik Tok star but also the security at the heavily guarded public building. Shah roaming freely in the MOF was dubbed as a serious breach of rules, argued the social media users.