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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Has PM Modi given a free hand to Armed Forces?

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The tension between Pakistan and India has not been declining due to the latter’s jingoistic political leadership. To Pakistan’s peace message, Indian media claimed late in the evening on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a free hand to armed forces to give a befitting response to Pakistan for its violation of Indian airspace. PM Modi held back-to-back meetings with the chiefs of the armed forces, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and other top officials and reportedly authorized them to deal with the emerging situation as they deem right.

“Here is the inside track of PM’s high-level meet. Sources tell that the three service chiefs have been given free choice to deal with Pakistan,” India Today claimed.

For his political gains, PM Modi has set aside the fact that wars bring nothing but destruction. Pakistan’s leadership, be it political or military has categorically said that Pakistan wants peace and dialogue is the way. But nothing of that sort has been said from the other side of the border.

PM Khan maintained that India shall share any actionable evidence with Pakistan regarding Pulwama incident and Pakistan will punish those found involved.

The situation turned from bad to worse when Indian aircrafts violated the international norms and airspace of Pakistan. Indian aircrafts repeatedly crossed the LoC and provoked a calculated reaction from Pakistan. On Wednesday, early in the morning Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets and arrested one piolet who was later on shown to the world to expose Indian activities at the border.

Pakistan Army’s spokesperson addressed the media after shooting down Indian jets and maintained that this is not a victory. “In a war, nobody wins rather only humanity loses,” Major General Asif Ghafoor said. Gen. Ghafoor’s presser has been appreciated by journalists and academics from around the world. Since Pakistan’s armed forces have given a clear, loud message of peace to India while reminding it at the same time that Pakistan has the will and capacity to defend its territory.

Unlike warmongering attitude of Modi, Prime Minister of Pakistan extended the olive branch to Indian government once again to have a dialogue on all issues including terrorism and not to escalate the tension between two armed forces. PM Khan maintained that India shall share any actionable evidence with Pakistan regarding Pulwama incident and Pakistan will punish those found involved.

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Contrary to what PM Modi has reportedly said Pakistani citizens have encouraged authorities to do all efforts to ensure peace and order in the region. “Please don’t support this war, no one gets anything rather than losing their loved ones. It takes a lot to be an armed officer and he sacrifices his joy, family events, love from his wife, love for his children, time with his parents and in the end himself fo Nation,” a social media user said.

Another Pakistani said that we don’t want war. “We don’t want war Do not impose war on us, otherwise we do know how to retaliate”

A Pakistani shared a picture and said no to war. “No one wins or loses in wars but soldiers and innocent lives are lost. Is it really worth it? NO!”

The top trend on Twitter in Pakistan was #PeaceNotWar. Media persons and experts suggest both countries de-escalate the ongoing situation and initiate a dialogue to find out the solutions of all outstanding issues between the two countries.