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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hassan Nisar abuses female colleague in viral off-screen clip

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According to Pakistan Today, an off-screen footage of senior journalist and columnist Hassan Nisar’s talk show has gone viral on social media wherein he can be seen hurling abuses at a female colleague.

In the viral clip, Nisar can be seen using abusive language and making derogatory remarks against the female journalist who had apparently caused a delay in the recording of his show for a private news channel.

“I have told that **** a thousand times… it’s 5:30 and that **** does not care,” he can be heard as saying. Nisar then asks a member of the production crew to contact the woman.

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Hasan Nisar is famous for his fiery speech and criticism of PML-N and PPP. Nisar has also been accused in the past of hurling abuses at his colleagues but this is the first time when he has been recorded abusing a female.

Only a week ago, an audio recording of another prominent journalist Haroon Rasheed was released in which he was heard shaming a police officer who had allegedly arrested someone known to Mr. Rasheed.

Media in Pakistan is already under pressure due to the current government’s decision of not giving official ads to media houses. Reportedly, Dunya News has already fired more than 200 of its employees due to the financial losses it has suffered.

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Mr. Nisar appears in multiple talk shows and appears as an analyst on Geo’s Report Card. This incident is set to damage Nisar’s credibility.

Incidents like these also point to the fact that the media needs to fulfill its social responsibility and act as a watchdog and not a bully who coerces everyone whenever and wherever it wants.