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Monday, July 15, 2024

Hate-mongering continues: Indians ask Salman khan for action against Kapil Sharma

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The fans and followers have requested Bollywood actor Salman Khan to take strict action against Kapil Sharma after cricketer-turned-politician-turned-comedian Navjot Singh Sindhu was sacked from the show for supporting Pakistan post-Pulwama attack.


Indians are now demanding actor Salman Khan to take strict actions against Kapil Sharma– the prime comedian and host of the ‘The Kapil Sharma’ show– for supporting Navjot Singh Sidhu. Actor Salman Khan is amongst the production team since the show is jointly produced by Salman Khan Films and KP Films.

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Indian media has confirmed that the removal of Navjot Singh Sidhu was approved by Salman Khan. Now Salman Khan is being requested by the fan to remove Kapil Sharma as well. Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit has also brought up the issue in the notice of Salman Khan and requested to take strict action against Kapil Sharma.

“When this entire controversy happened; the channel was still not sure on what decision to make. It was the producer of the show, Salman Khan’s immediate decision to ask Sidhu to step down from the show. Obviously, as a producer, Salman did not want to take a chance, especially when so much money has been involved in its production. The show is doing well in terms of TRP and Salman doesn’t want to lose it just for the sake of one person. And so, he decided to take a call immediately, a source told the Indian publication.

Earlier, Sidhu had stated that “For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation and can you blame an individual? It (the attack) is a cowardly act and I condemn it firmly. Violence is always condemnable and those who did it must be punished.”

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On the controversy, Kapil Sharma said, “These are very small things, or can also be a part of propaganda. I feel banning someone or sacking Navjot Singh Sidhu from the show (The Kapil Sharma Show) is not the solution. We need to look for a permanent solution.”

“We are with the government but still we need a permanent solution. The cowardly act in Pulwama that killed our soldiers shouldn’t be forgotten and the culprits should be punished,” he added.