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Friday, July 19, 2024

IHC moved against killing of Pakistani Hindus by RAW in India

The Pakistani Hindu community protested against the killing of 11 members of a Pakistani Hindu family in Jodhpur, India

“The constitution gives equal rights to minorities. Pakistan’s 11 Hindu citizens were murdered in India over refusing to spy on Pakistan. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad had issued visas to the victims. Indian diplomatic mission working against diplomatic norms.” – IHCBA Petition

Today, September 29th 2020, Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC) requesting the court to issue orders to the federal government and foreign ministry to take up the matter of killing of 11 Pakistani Hindus in India with International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The Islamabad High Court Bar in its petition pleaded for court orders to the federal government and the Foreign Office to take the issue to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Bar seeks the court order for the government and the foreign office to take the issue to the ICJ.

Petition to get a “slap ban” on the Indian terrorist organization RSS

The petition states that all relevant steps should be taken to get a “slap ban” on the Indian terrorist organization, RSS. It is further claimed that orders be issued for the initiation of steps against Indian High Commission in Pakistan and that justice be served to the affected families.  Of course, the Indian High Commission’s role cannot be ignored.

The petitioner has further taken the stance that the Indian High Commission provided the information to RAW after issuing visas to the victims’ families. He claims that this is the reason why the Pakistani Hindus were massacred by RAW in India. The Pakistani Hindu community protested vehemently the killings in India.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani Hindus hailing from Sindh were killed in their shelter in Indian Rajasthan.




On August 9, 2020, 11 members of a Pakistani Hindu family of migrants were found dead in Rajasthan’s Lodta village in Jodhpur district. Pakistan’s minority Hindus rallied against the injustice in Islamabad at around midnight, to protest the deaths of 11 members of a Hindu migrant family who died in India just last month under queer circumstances.

Since then, the deceased migrants’ relatives have instigated several rallies in Sindh. According to Rajasthan Police, the recovery of a written note from a shack in Jodhpur district’s Lodta village, where the family was found dead, has suggested that one of the deceased gave sedatives and injected the rest of the entire family with poison, prior to taking her own life. The absence of injury marks on the victims’ bodies ruled out the possibility of mass suicide.

Protestor leader met Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood

Ramesh Kumar, a leader of both the Hindu community and the protest, met with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, seeking his help in pressurizing India to reveal the results of the initial police probe into the case.

In addition, Pakistan has also asked for access to a Hindu worker who was at the Jodhpur farm at the time of the deaths, as per the government officials.

At the meeting, Kumar disclosed how Shrimati Mukhi, a member of the deceased family, had leveled the poisoning accusations. Earlier this month, she had told the local media that India allegedly pressurized her family to issue a statement denouncing Pakistan’s government. Nonetheless, there was no official response from India upon these allegations.

Just last week, Pakistan summoned an Indian diplomat to convey concerns over the “Jodhpur incident.” A subsequent ministry statement stated that India had “failed to share any substantive details regarding the cause and circumstances of the deaths” of the Hindus and asked for a comprehensive investigation.

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The Pakistan Hindu Council chief later conveyed their demands to the Indian officials despite already having pasted these demands outside the high commission’s building. They demanded that the Indian authorities should disclose the details of the murdered Pakistanis and register a case against the criminals in addition to providing their post mortem reports.

The protest leaders alleged, inter alia, that Pakistani Hindus staying in India are being forced to operate as spies and being killed upon their refusal. The rights of minorities in Pakistan, to date, remain problematic. We can only truly progress as a state if these rights are not only safeguarded but also celebrated.

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