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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Plundering Hindustan in the name of Hindutva: Emperor, where are your clothes?

You (Modi) can escape from the blame of the Gujarat 2002 genocide by making a deal with KPS Gill and obtaining the declaration that there was a “small group” behind it. One begs to question: why did you fail to pry into that group? e

You (Modi) can escape from the blame of the Gujarat 2002 genocide by making a deal with KPS Gill and obtaining the declaration that there was a “small group” behind it. One begs to question: why did you fail to pry into that group? emperor where are your clothes

If Rana Ayyub could get Amit Shah to go to prison, Gill could easily reach the CM who was the real architect of the genocide and host of fake encounters. Gill had joined duty on May 3, 2002, and should have known how the Nero was fiddling (and could have told him in his face, eyeball to eyeball), a mass murderer (as had Karan Thapar alluded).

Order of fragility hinduvta

It was for this reason that Vice President Hamid Ansari emphasized in his memorial R&AW-Kao lecture that there should be monitoring of intelligence, gathering under a parliamentary committee. PM Narendra Modi is sticking to his chair like a limpet and what is prevailing is the “Order of Fragility”. That Gujarat state policy as expounded by ATS chief DG Vanzara had seen what clothes the emperor was wearing. The government of CM Modi should have been in the new jail at Taloja in New Mumbai.

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If the Vice President was right why did Dr. LB Sharma, fellow conspirator of Lieutenant Col Purohit and others take a can of kerosene to burn him at a function in Jamia Millia University? This was the prevailing order, the way society was organized. There were two “orders”—one for the ‘fragile’ police officers like Davinder Singh and Gill and the other of Purohit and his creation, Abhinav Bharat.

Hindutva ideology

It is paradoxical par excellence that the current juggernaut of right-wing Hindus is hell-bent on exploiting all material gains and political clout in the name of their religion. Interestingly that religion is essentially a denier of selfishness. Interestingly that religion is also pervaded with the spirit of universal amity vishvakutumkum of being in a family of other religions.

There are tall claims made by the claimants of seekers of its inheritance. They’re extolling it as vishva guru—a teacher of the whole universe and not just Bharat/India! And claims to follow ahimsa or nonviolence.

The genocide of February 2002 began in Gujarat of Narendra Modi where middle-class Hindus looted costly cars from showrooms. The marauders came from rich families and some came in their cars to loot and carried away very expensive goods known for their luxury and cutting-edge technology in excellence from showrooms of the Muslim minority.

The plunderers were no other than those whom Modi had allowed three days to avenge upon the Muslim minority who did not burn the train then and did not conspire for the violence in Delhi now in February 2020.

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Gujarat genocide: Emperor, where are your clothes?

What camouflaged the material and monetary loot and bonanza was the vibes of Hindutva then and now again. The government at the center lasts for four or more years. The year 2002 is a confluence of the genocide of Muslims and a humongous amount of money siphoned off through a disinvestment plan.

The sale of Laxmi Villas of the former king of Udaipur Fateh Singh

In this deed, there was a loss of 143.4 crores. Eighteen years later Modi government has filed a criminal case against Arun Shourie who was the disinvestment minister in the government of PM AB Vajpayee. And now, apropos Covid19, Modi has collected 2, 100 crores from the public sector and cut one day salary of all government servants and yet wants to go scot-free as far as accountability is concerned.

Nay, he even accepted a donation from the Chinese firm Tik-Tok. Why should he? And then he started another fund to put the Chinese in abeyance so that people would ultimately forget. Many state governments want their share of GST collection to meet their development but he is keeping eerie silence.

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The Delhi 2020 violence was a terrific catastrophe for the minority Muslims

In Gujarat 2002 genocide he sanctioned double amount to a Hindu victim and paid half to the Muslim victim. In the Chittisingpora massacre he accompanied home minister LK Advani, he turned a blind eye like his mentor to the Sikh massacre victims. But Advani gave away awards to paratroops that had killed innocent shepherds. Modi lauded them and boosted their courage to continue in the same endeavor.

Despite all these, no one had dared as did Mahua Moitra “Emperor, where are your clothes?