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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hira Mani apologizes on Dua Zehra case

She wrote her wish in an Instagram story after which the actress started receiving backlash.

Hira Mani apologizes for her irresponsible comments on Dua Zehra’s alleged kidnapping case. She shared her video apologizing for passing comments that she is praying Allah to not separate Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer.

She wrote her wish in an Instagram story after which the actress started receiving backlash. The actress in her video said that she did not know Dua was underage and it is a kidnapping case.

“I am sorry if I have hurt anyone with my statement. In fact, I was hurt too when I got to know about the case and thought how much Dua’s parents would be distressed.”

She went on to say that people close to her got upset with her statement as well. “They said that I shouldn’t have made the comments as I did not know about the case,” she added.

Hira apologized to the parents of Dua Zehra and asserted that she posted her comments in an emotional state.

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“I made a mistake and I accept it. I am human too and humans make mistakes,” she said.

“May Allah keep Dua Zahra, her family, and parents in His protection,” she concluded.

Pakistani actress Hira Mani received flak on social media after she said she wishes Dua Zehra and Zaheer are never separated. Netizens called her out for passing irresponsible statements on social media regarding a sensitive and complex case. The case is of child marriage and possible abduction hence people found her statements problematic and irresponsible.

Twitter users voiced their disappointment regarding her statements. “Somebody please take away Hira Mani’s social media, please. The majority of Pakistani celebrities are good for nothing but crying in front of the camera over divorce or marriage only. That’s that! @HiraManii #hiramani #DuaZehra,” said journalist Natasha Rehman on Twitter.