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Monday, February 19, 2024

Honda Pakistan Introduces Special Offers on Honda Civic & Honda City

In order to clear up inventories and increase sales to generate revenue and maintain market share, Honda Atlas Pakistan has offered exclusive discounts and special offers on multiple models of the Honda City and Civic

Honda Pakistan has delighted car enthusiasts across the country with a limited time offer offering special discounts on all its models, which can be purchased from 1st September to 30th September.

Celebrating 25 years of its automobile production in Pakistan, Honda has launched a special offer to help consumers purchase their favorite models at discounted rates. Honda Pakistan has dispatched a notification, which has been sent to all authorized Honda dealerships across the country.

25 Years of Honda Pakistan

The notification circulated by the Japanese auto manufacturer on the completion of its 25 years of producing cars in Pakistan has delighted customers with an exciting offer. Honda Pakistan is offering remarkable deals on all its models and variants.

The auto manufacturing brand has issued a circular, thanking all the Honda authorized dealerships for continuously aiding the Japanese car brand in amassing great success across Pakistan. The company has also announced a special offer for its customers, which include multiple additional features, and extended warranty periods for vehicles and other products.

According to the notification, Honda is offering an extended warranty period of three years for free on the Honda Civic 1.5L RS Turbo Model. The 1.8L model of Civic with spacious leather seats is being offered with the addition of an extended third year warranty for free.

HACPL has also urged its authorized dealerships to advertise this offer as much as they can to promote awareness and attract customers.

Honda City, another best-selling vehicle by the Japanese car manufacturer, also comes with an exclusive offer of a free navigation system with the 1.3L and 1.5L manual and automatic models of the car. The state of the art model of the Honda City, 1.5L Aspire, is now available with a free modulo without trunk spoiler.

The Honda BR-V is now available with an extended variety for the third year. The notification added that this limited-time offer can be only be availed during the period 1st to 30th September, 2019. Customers are encouraged to visit any 3S Honda dealership to shop these exclusive offers.

Plummeting Sales & Falling Revenues

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, in the official notification, revealed that the reason for offering special discounts and exclusive offers is HACPL’s agenda to “increase the order intake, balance payment flow and to provide customers with value added options.”

HACPL has also urged its authorized dealerships to advertise this offer as much as they can to promote awareness and attract customers.

The rising inflation, accredited to the persistent devaluation of the rupee against the US dollar has marked a significant reduction in car sales. In a bid to maintain Honda’s market share and its relations with its consumers, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan has launched this offer to revive its brand loyalty and increase sales.

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The government’s decision to impose a Federal Excise Duty (FED) on automobiles, which further reduced the demands for automobiles. The press release stated, “In recent challenging times, it has become essential to maintain Honda market share and provide customers with the desired value through our products and matching the pricing with customer expectations.”

This limited-time special offer is being applauded as a great decision by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, and it will help the Japanese automaker clear up inventories which have been piling up during the last few month, compelling auto manufacturers to halt production.