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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Host Juggun Kazim under fire for obscene video from show

Host Juggun Kazim has been facing severe backlash for the type of games played on her show. In the show, couples take part in a game where they have to eat an apple suspended from a string. The game received criticism as Netizen claimed its spreading vulgarity.

Netizens have been calling to ban the morning show hosted by actress Juggun Kazim after an obscene video from the show gets viral on the internet.

In the viral video, couples are seen competing in a game to eat the hanging apple. As the game continues, Ali Zafar’s Mela Loot Liya plays in the background. The video stirred severe backlash on social media as viewers were unable to digest the scene.

Social media users called upon the host and producers of the show for stooping low merely for the sake of TV ratings and popularity. Host Juggun Kazim has been facing severe backlash on social media for airing substandard content on national television following the emergence of the obscene video.


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The host Juggun Kazim has not responded to the backlash and neither the PEMRA has taken action against the show so far.

Morning show hosts disappoint Pakistan

This is not the first time, morning show hosts have come under fire on social media for inappropriate activities.

Earlier, netizens had voiced their disappointment at TV presenter and host Nida Yasir for exploiting the pain of the parents of Marwah – a 5-year-old girl raped and killed in Karachi – for TV ratings. Yasir had invited the parents of Marwah to her morning show on September 15.

A small video clip from the show went viral on social media on Wednesday in which the host is seen asking explicit questions from the parents of the girl. The parents of the girl choked up while responding to her questions. The mother started crying and the father also struggled as Yasir asked them to reveal details of the case in front of the audience.

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Many netizens had called out Yasir for her ‘inappropriate’ and ‘insensitive’ behavior with the parents of the victim on her show. Twitter trend #BanNidaYasir was trending on Thursday, with many demanding the owner of the channel to replace the host of the morning show.