How Apartments Will Change Post-Pandemic

One of the sectors that have had to adapt is the property market, as people are now spending most of their time at home. Here are some ways that COVID-19 has affected the design of apartments.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on various activities in the world. People are now working from home, kids are learning online, social distancing is the new norm, and so on. 

With the number of infections rising by the day, nobody knows when or if things will ever return to normal. It is becoming clear that people might have to adopt new practices as we learn to live with this disease.

One of the sectors that have had to adapt is the property market, as people are now spending most of their time at home. 

Here are some ways that COVID-19 has affected the design of apartments.


Homes as the New Office

During quarantine, the majority of people, except for essential workers, are working from home. When the government eases the lockdown measures, some individuals will rush back to the office to rekindle workplace memories. However, others will take a more cautious approach and will be reluctant to go back.

As a result, the property market will focus more on home offices. They will no longer be a desk with a chair placed at the corner of the living room. Instead, apartments will include dedicated spaces with large windows, blackout curtains, and comfortable furniture. These rooms will also have all the necessary equipment and fast internet connections.

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Thoughtful Storage Areas

Before the pandemic, apartments in big cities were small and short on space. This meant that residents could only shop for limited supplies to avoid overloading the small storage areas. But with the current situation, people have realised the importance of having substantial storage spaces, even if it means hauling some items into self storage to make room for more frequently used items at home.

According to industry experts, people will also get more creative in how they utilise space. Now that it is essential to have food that can last for a week or more, homeowners will start investing in bigger refrigerators – a trend that was fading before the onset of the coronavirus disease.


Enhanced Technology

One of the ways through which COVID-19 gets spread is by touching infected surfaces. This understanding has driven many to explore smarter, safer living options. In this context, the Apartments for sale in Catalonia are witnessing increased interest due to the adoption of advanced smart home technology.

These apartments are equipped with automated lights, doors that unlock themselves when you arrive home, and elevators operated through voice commands. These smart features minimize the need to touch surfaces and thus, help prevent the spread of the virus.

Another key factor enhancing the appeal of these apartments for sale in Catalonia is the focus on improved indoor ventilation systems. These systems come with advanced features designed to ensure a consistent supply of fresh air and maintain quality airflow within the apartments, providing another layer of protection against the virus.


Increased Importance of Kitchens

Kitchens are arguably the most crucial room in any home. With the temporary shutdown of hotels and restaurants, they have become even more essential.

In the future, people will have a more pronounced interest in kitchens. The rooms will be bigger to allow individuals to cook and hang out and have high-quality ovens and refrigerators.


Outdoor Living Spaces

A considerable number of modern apartments have little or no outdoor living spaces. However, this will change soon.

People need to move around to stay healthy, and because of COVID-19, we have learned that our backyards are the safest place to do so. Therefore, people will reclaim more space, regardless of the size of their homes. Having an outdoor living space where you can exercise without breaching social distancing regulations gives you peace of mind.


Throughout history, adverse situations such as the coronavirus pandemic have a telling effect on apartments’ architectural design. These are only but a few of the changes expected to take place amid this health crisis. That said, remember to keep safe, wear masks, and wash your hands.

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