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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How can we play our part in defense of Pakistan?

Every year, Defence Day is celebrated in memory of the sacrifices the Pakistani armed forces made in the war of 1965. 6 September (Defence Day) is one of the most significant events in the history of Pakistan. In this regard, Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan discusses how we can play our part in the defense of our beloved country and how can we improve ourselves as a society?

Pakistan is the only country created in the name of Islam. We always make the slogan “Pakistan ka Matlab kya:” It is our faith that Pakistan was created with the name of Allah and will be protected by Allah. We have witnessed in history that on many occasions, Pakistan was facing severe challenges and some people were almost disappointed and desperately saying that Pakistan is a gone case. But, It is Almighty Allah, who has been kind enough to keep this country.

Our adversaries in the West have planned to wash out Pakistan in 1999 and predicted that there will be no more Pakistan on the world map after 2015. They pooled resources and implemented a strategy to washout Pakistan from the world map. But it was only the will of Allah that Pakistan still exists and Insha Allah will remain till the day of judgment.

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In the realm of ups and downs

Ups and downs are part of life, Pakistan has been passing several ups and downs just like many other countries, But we conceive them only to test our strength of faith and make us more strong. Of course, we made many mistakes, yet, blunders, but still exist and are active, it is all due to the mercy and blessing of Allah.

We are proud of our armed forces, who have demonstrated very well on several occasions. The latest is on the Balakot incident in Feb 2019, where India recognized the real strength of Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistan demonstrated its strength and got recognition. Success is not ensured for anyone, Pakistan also faced embarrassing situations in the past. But as long as we have learned a lesson from our bad experiences, mistakes, blunders, it is all OK, We should not repeat them again, and should awaken and keep alive ourselves after each Karbala. We are not afraid of our failures as long as we learn something and ensure not to repeat them again.

On the part of the Armed Forces, many people will write many articles and I am sure they are more professional and competent. So let me focus on the civilian segment of defense of Pakistan.

Defense of Pakistan is a collective responsibility of the whole nation, not limited to the Armed forces only. Each individual is a soldier of Pakistan and in his/her capacity, in any position, as a teacher, businessman, engineer, doctor, economist, student, young or old, is to contribute toward the defense of Pakistan. A diplomate defends Pakistan internationally, businessmen contribute by generating revenue for the country, a farmer contributes in the form of food security, industrialist shares his responsibility in increasing national productivity, as students acquire high-quality knowledge to meet the challenges of future, etc.

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We must stand united as a country

We all should share our responsibility toward national defense by doing our duty honestly, efficiently, and sincerely. We must be loyal to our country and love Pakistan. We must be dutiful and exploited all our efforts to develop our country, our nations, and our society in all aspects. A strong economy is required for national defense. Unity among all ethnicities, factions, and segments of the society is required for national defense. As a writer, scholar, intellectuals, we must build our national narrative and promote it widely. We must counter all anti-Pakistan narratives and attacks. We must face hybrid war and counter it. We must root out all evils and spoilers.

First of all, we should recognize and accept our mistakes and blunders, then try to rectify ourselves. I accept that as a parent, a teacher, as an educationist, as a mentor, as a civil activist, I failed to turn our young generation into a true Muslim and as a good Pakistani. Our education has produced good professional engineers, doctors, economists, politicians, etc, but could not turn them into true Muslims and good Pakistani.

Maybe we at home asking our children to be true Muslim and good Pakistani, at schools teaching them to be true Muslim and good Pakistani, but our society teaches them something different. In his practical life, he sees that as long as one has money, can afford a good car, good housing, lavish life, is considered a successful person and respected in society.

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Irrespective, his money is earned through any illegal means, it is black money or white money, it receives respect in the society. One can see, smugglers, cheaters, blackmailers, killers, grabbers, corrupts, and bribers are enjoying a luxurious life with full respect in society. No one is teaching his children to do wrong things, but once he is grown up, and see in society such things and attracted ultimately. This is the root cause of the deterioration of society.

Nepotism, favoritism, and backdoors are commonly practiced in our society. Whereas deserving, merit-based, and genius of the society are often deprived. Resulting in youth looking forward to shortcuts and back doors or unfair means to achieve their goals in society. Overall the whole society deteriorates.

State machinery is dysfunctional, corrupt, and incompetent people as appointed on key positions, decision-making, and policy-making positions. Which have to weaken society and national defense. The youth is frustrated and directionless. Any individual, if competent or above average, is trying to migrate to the Western world. He is willing to contribute to the development of the West, but not his own country. Some of the Western countries are searching for talent from Pakistan and attracting them under various schemes. Leaving the country with only below-average youth. Anyone having the opportunity to leave Pakistan is willing to leave yesterday, even do not want to wait till tomorrow.

Who is responsible for this desperate and directionless society?

Our policymakers, politicians, and ruling elite. A vast number of them are not interested in the future of Pakistan, as they have settled their children abroad, shifted their assets abroad, and secured their future abroad, they might leave Pakistan as soon as they retired from the Government job or see ant threat in Pakistan. They are not loyal to the country and could not make the right policies or right decisions for Pakistan.

In fact, we are facing more threats internally. Desperation and economic disasters are creating more instability in society.

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Whereas, Pakistan is one of the blessed countries, with an abundance of minerals and mining, natural resources, agriculture, climate, natural beauty. If taped appropriately, Pakistan can become the top few rich countries in the world. Out indigenous talent, and human resource is our strength, and must be exploited fully.

Educational reforms are a prerequisite, to transform our economy, Industry Agriculture, Tourism Services sector, etc. Appropriate planning and policies are required immediately. We lack nothing and are not a poor, yet poorly managed country. The ruling elite has no stake in this country and is not sincere with the real development of this country, unfortunately! Starting from the electoral process, we may need deep reforms. If the people of Pakistan know the real power of their vote and if they can vote for the right candidate, they will change the fate of this country as well as their own.

No external adversary can defeat Pakistan, Alhamdullilah, Pakistan is a nuclear power already. But internal enemies, we must need to be extra careful, especially foreign planted and foreign agents may harm us unknowingly. The nation must be vigilant and keep its eyes open all the time and watching every aspect of defense. A Soviet Union-style collapse must be averted. Greedy, corrupt, and incompetent appointees on the top post are the biggest challenge for our national defense.

We need to promote positivity and suppress the negativity in the nation. Our soft powers and Islamic teachings must be highlighted to unite us and struggle for a change. We need to struggle and work hard to make out tomorrow better than yesterday. We have to transform this country into a better place for our next generation as a better place to live. Collectively we can make the defense of Pakistan strong and robust. No one should undermine 220 million Muslims of Pakistan, which consist of 70% youth under the age of 40. Pakistan will not only survive and exit but will develop and prosper and join the club of elite nations of the world.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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 Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan is a Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization) and National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. He can be reached at awanzamir@yahoo.com. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy.