How Do You Fix Low Testosterone?

Hormones are chemicals crucial for your overall well being. Being the chemical messengers of your body, hormones travel in your bloodstream to send a signal from one part of the body to the other.

There are many types of hormones in your body each responsible for different bodily functions.

One such hormone is Testosterone. This sex hormone found in all men and women is responsible for the growth of reproductive tissues, bone, and muscle mass in both.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and plays a vital role in sperm production and maintaining secondary male characteristics like voice changes, hair pattern, muscle and bone growth, and libido.

Testosterone in Men: Why Is It Essential? 

Testosterone is produced when a part of the brain called the hypothalamus releases a hormone that causes the pituitary gland to produce Luteinizing Hormone. 

The Luteinizing Hormone reaches the testicles and triggers Testosterone production.

About 95% of the testosterone in your body is produced in the testicles, the rest is produced in the adrenal glands.

The following are some major benefits of Testosterone :

  • It is Essential For Heart Health

Testosterone aids in the proper production of the red blood cells. IT maintains proper hemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the body. 

Testosterone can act on the bone marrow directly, elevating the levels of burst forming units and EPO responsive Cells which result in increased production of red blood cells. 

Men with optimum levels of Testosterone are much less likely to have a heart attack according to a recent study.

  • It is Necessary For Muscle Mass

Low testosterone levels can cause the muscle mass of the body to decrease. 

Men with deteriorating testosterone when going through treatment experience faster fat mass loss and an increase in muscle size and strength.

Testosterone is also responsible for increasing the production of the growth hormone, which can lead to better muscle build up after workouts.

  • It is Crucial For Weight Loss

Testosterone treatments like therapy and supplements can help reduce fat mass and result in long term weight loss. 

Reduction in the waistline and a decreased BMI can also be witnessed. 

Optimal testosterone levels in the body metabolize fat quickly and efficiently, decreasing weight.

  • It is Important For Better Sexual Performance

Testosterone is known for increasing libido or sexual appetite in men.

Decreasing testosterone can cause fatigue and tiredness in men which can eventually lead to their loss of interest in sex. 

It also helps in maintaining harder erections for a longer period of time. 

  • It is Significant For a Healthy Nervous System

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining different moods and emotions in men. It is responsible for aggression and the feeling of dominance in men.

Testosterone also sprouts a feeling of competitiveness and helps boost self-esteem. 

Low testosterone level is associated with loss of confidence, motivation, and stamina.

It can also lead to fatigue, loss of energy, and trouble in sleeping.

Why Do You Need To Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

After the age of 30 testosterone levels in men start to drop gradually, almost a percent every year.

This is totally natural and common, but decreasing testosterone levels can have many negative impacts on your body if not rebalanced. 

Declining testosterone can have many physical as well as psychological side effects like:

  • Diminished Sexual Desire
  • Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Mood Swings and Irritability
  • Fewer and Shorter Erections
  • Infertility
  • The decrease in Body and Facial Hair
  • Reduced Stamina and Strength
  • Reduced Bone and Muscle Mass
  • Cholesterol Imbalance

Therefore Testosterone levels need to be well balanced so as to carry out all the aforementioned functions of your body smoothly. 

How To Boost Your Testosterone?

Testosterone can be boosted naturally and easily without having to undergo any special treatment or take any artificial drugs. 

There are certain lifestyle changes you can make, foods you can eat, and combine this with natural testosterone boosters to see a definite increase in your testosterone. 

  • Daily Workouts 

The workout is not only essential for boosting your T levels but also necessary for leading a healthy life and for a healthy body. 

Recent research showed that Obese men who started working out on a daily basis saw a rapid increase in their testosterone levels. 

High-Intensity Workouts and lifting weights are some proven ways to boost your sex hormone.

  • Change Your Diet

Include well-balanced quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your daily diet. 

Aggressive dieting or excessive eating can have a negative impact on the level of your testosterone. 

While performing resistance training, carbohydrates can help you maintain testosterone in the body.

Studies also prove that essential fats are also necessary for balanced sex hormones. 

  • Get Vitamin D

Either sit under the sun, consume food rich in vitamin-D or get yourselves some Vitamin-D supplement because this vitamin works as a natural testosterone booster. 

You can also incorporate some testosterone boosters which are rich in Vitamin-D in your diet. 

  • Take Some Natural Testosterone Boosters

There are many natural, organic, and side-effects free testosterone boosters available in the market today which can help increase your testosterone in no time. 

Only a few of these Testosterone Boosters are backed by science so make sure to do your research before opting for one. 

Testogen and Testofuel are two of the most popularly used testosterone boosters.

Made with all-natural ingredients, these supplements can increase stamina, strength, libido, and energy levels in men along with boosted T hormone.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping for less number of hours than your body needs for proper functioning can also lead to decreasing T levels.

Every hour you sleep, your testosterone levels rise by a whopping 15%

  • Stick To A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy sex life also has positive effects on testosterone. Sex helps regulates this hormone and keeps your libido in check.

Steer clear from estrogen rich compounds like parabens and BPA found in many types of plastic.

Limit your alcohol and drug intake as excessive use of these can deteriorate your testosterone level.

Stay positive and smile through your problems and learn to have fun as happiness and laughter can help improve your health and boost your T levels.

You can also go for Testosterone therapy, erectile dysfunction medications, or sleeping aids. But all these methods have a lot of side-effects, they may deteriorate your health more than boosting it.


Testosterone being an essential hormone for both males and females should be well balanced and maintained in the body.
More important for the health and secondary sexual characteristics in men, testosterone levels should be kept in check at all costs.
With age as T Hormone declines, it can cause a number of negative effects on your body, hampering proper functioning on the systems of your body.

Therefore a healthy diet incorporated with essential vitamins and minerals needed for boosting health is extremely crucial.
Apart from this, daily workouts including HIIT and weight lifting should be followed religiously.
Combine this with a natural testosterone booster and you can have healthy testosterone levels in no time. 


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