How to place sports bets in Pakistan

Even though Gambling is strictly presided over in Pakistan and prohibited, it is widely spread in the country. Millions and millions of Pakistanis are at this time involved in online sports betting. If you live in Pakistan and you are interested in online betting, you require a reliable online bookmaker that has a broad range of gaming options along with better odds. The Pakistani customers opt to bet at international betting sites because here, they have all the freedom to place bets without worrying about getting into problems with the law.

Football, cricket, horse racing, and field hockey are just several of the most famous sports that Pakistani customers enjoy betting on the internet. Visit if you want to learn more about online betting in Pakistan.

The popular Betting Methods for Pakistani Customers

Since Pakistan strictly prohibits all kinds of gambling games, luck-based, and sports betting games, there are no officially permitted betting shops in this country, except horse tracks where customers can wager on horse racing. As a result, you will not be lucky if you want to finance your online betting account using a credit card processor or your local bank.

Certainly, even if you cannot t sign up with one domestic website, you can go beyond this ban and sign up with one of the numerous trustworthy international gaming sites. The sites are typically based outside the country, and they are licensed and, moreover, regulated by the state that they are based in. This means that they don’t have anything to do with the betting legality in Pakistan.

You can make use of a debit card or a foreign credit issued outside Pakistan; however, moreover to that, it is in all likelihood that whichever Pakistan-issued method of payment will block you when you try to transfer your funds to the betting site. Even if this can be the case, Pakistani sports punters are still able to deposit and withdraw their money to betting sites, though they require being somehow creative about doing it. There is, at all times, an excellent option of payment methods that you can use at Pakistan betting sites, but the most popular is Skrill.

How to make a deposit in Pakistan?

With online sports betting, punters in Pakistan have got the hardest time compared to betters from other places. Neteller, though being among the famous e-wallet in the gaming world, doesn’t recognize addresses from Pakistani, whereas virtual card Entropay fails to have a payment option for bank accounts in Pakistani.

As a punter in Pakistani, your best gamble might be by the means of e-wallets like Skrill so as to deposit funds in your account. Prior to using them at a gaming site of your selection, you will require first to create your e-wallet account, and it will just take a few minutes. You can do this by visiting Skrill’s site, and after creating and then authenticating your account, use Skrill to deposit funds in any best betting site in Pakistan.

¬ Log in to the gaming site
¬ Open the cashier section and select Skrill
¬ Choose the amount that you would like to deposit and then proceed
¬ A new screen will pop up, key in your Skrill log in details
¬ Finish the transaction, and after that, the funds will straight away show in your balance

How to withdraw the winning amount?

When you are withdrawing money, it is recommended that you have to upload your identity card copy and utility bill for the verification process. It is good to have a utility bill before proceeding to online betting online. On condition that you can provide you utility bill and identity that has your name, it is very easy for the verification process. In case you live with relatives or rental in a country hence get the bill in your name turn to be difficult then you can turn to bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin is defined as the digital currency and has an exchange rate just like all other currencies. To start with bitcoin betting, you must have an online wallet such as Blockchain. By having a wallet, you can get a link whereby a person can send bitcoin to you. In this case, 1xbet allows bitcoins; thus, it’s the best method to use for withdrawals and deposits. As long as you are using it, you are able to get bitcoins from individuals or the wallet by selling bitcoin. In this marketplace, the scam also does happen. However, there are several transactions done by sellers, as well as their ratings. It’s very safe to purchase bitcoins from popular sellers and keeping some amount to avoid a mishap.

When you win a certain amount from the bet, you can transfer the amount to your wallet and convert them to (PKR) Pakistani Rupee. Afterward, you can sell them to local bitcoin seller or exchange them. Despite this option may be tricky, cricket betting is illegal in Pakistan, and you have to follow the due process to avoid trouble with the law.

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