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Friday, May 17, 2024

How to secure YouTube channel and other social media accounts?

As the YouTube channel of Imran Riaz Khan, a renowned journalist, has been hacked for the second time in just a few months, @OSINT_Insider shares tips for YouTubers and journalists to keep their Youtube channels and other social media accounts secure.

Imran Riaz Khan is a fierce critic of the incumbent government with a massive following of 3.45 million people on his YouTube channel, thus enjoying a massive outreach. However, even his YouTube channel is not secure as it has been hacked for the second time in a few months, putting millions of people at risk of disinformation. The deteriorating cyber and information security situation in Pakistan is worrisome as it undermines the credibility and reliability of the modes of information and communication across the country.

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Amid the rising threats to the cyber security of renowned YouTubers and journalists, OSINT Insider, an open source intelligence platform on Twitter, shares tips for influential YouTubers and Journalists to beef up the security of their YouTube channels and other social media accounts in a twitter thread.

First of all, Osint Insider suggests to use a dedicated and secret email address for YouTube channels as secrecy of the email address associated with a YouTube channel makes it less vulnerable to hackers. It is necessary that this email address is not shared with anyone because if this email address is revealed a YouTube channel can be hacked easily.

Secondly, the most important security measure is to enable two-factor authentication on the YouTube channel as well as on the associated email address. This is also a requirement by YouTube in order to monetize a channel.

Thirdly, Osint recommends to not use your phone number on your email or as a recovery option for your YouTube channel if you reside in Pakistan, as the One-Time Passwords sent on your mobile numbers can be read even before they reach you. This recommendation is particularly important for ‘persons of interest’ as they are usually under surveillance.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use only one dedicated device to access your YouTube channel instead of using random and multiple devices for the purpose. That dedicated device should be used for YouTube channel only and anything else must not be installed on it. This recommendation was emphasized by Osint Insider by mentioning it again at the end of the thread.

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Osint Insider goes on to recommend that if you use Google Chrome browser, a dedicated chrome profile must be created on it and any extensions must not be installed on your browser. Moreover, it is necessary that no third party has access to your YouTube channel or the associated email address as doing so makes your channel vulnerable to hackers.

For the YouTube channels operated by multiple admins, same security protocols must be adapted by all the admins. Strong password must be created to maximize security of your YouTube channel and email address and this password should be regularly changed instead of sticking with one permanent password. Also, the use of password generators is not recommended.

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Lastly, Osint Insider advises to not use public WiFi to access your YouTube channel, meanwhile it must be ensured that the WiFi you use is not public.

All these tips are not just beneficial for the security of YouTube channels; they can help you secure all your social media accounts. “With hackers going wild, any slackness on your part can cost you a lot. These tips are very simple but will definitely save you from a lot of trouble”, Osint Insider concludes.