How to select the best book rack?

Book racks are not supposed to store books alone. They are one of the most iconic furniture in the room, and their designs set the tone for most of the remaining furniture. Selecting a stylish book rack fulfills the function while leaving an elegant decor in place. You can select among the following stylish solutions for your book rack.

Invisible book rack

This book rack dots the wall with stacked books without any visible support. The rack is firmly anchored to the wall, which allows it to be small in length. It is completely covered by the books, thus leaving a floating appearance for books stacked on top of it. It can be arranged in different patterns, which adds to the decor in the room. It can support different sizes, all dictated by the size of the base book.

Slopping Ramp Bookrack

A good way to utilize a wall is by setting a sloping ramp filled with books. The book rack slopes at an angle on an empty wall or even above the working table and desk.  The slope enhances the style and doubles up as decor for the room. The books are stacked from the bottom upwards to the top. The slope adds a fluid movement to the rack without taking up space or even filling the wall with a dull clutter.

Cupboard book rack

This is the best choice for a functional book rack. It comes with numerous compartments, which can book of different sizes or even types. It is good for creating an easily accessible catalog or a simple library. It is efficient for security as glass, and other protections can be fitted into the book rack. However, it is not shy of design as floating cupboards or slanted compartments enhance its look and style.

Cut shelves

This is the best book rack for modern book space. It is spliced off the wall into two sleeves, which unfold, revealing a hidden space inside. The shelves holding the books are built onto the wall, and the sleeves come close but not touching each other on either side of the gap. Two of these cut shelves can complement an L Shaped sofa adding two book racks in the living room. It does not seem to occupy any space at all but maximize design and sophistication. Bright colors on the side of the rack contrast well with the open enclosures.

Stacked book rack

These book racks are the best in design. They can assume different shapes such as stacked upside-down cups, cubes, or even designer shapes. They are compartments that are stacked on top of each other or even on a central frame. They dance from different angles, thus holding books while retaining their style.

Book tree book rack

This book rack is shaped like a tree and is best suited for an open reading room. The tree comes with branches that hold books in their grooves. They sit low in the room and can be anchored at the center of the room or behind reading chairs for easy accessibility.

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