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Saturday, April 13, 2024

How to take interviews of athletes? Sports Journalist Emily Austin described

Emily Austin is a Hofstra University alumna who has worked as a television host, actress, model, and sports journalist. Emily has spoken with a number of athletes, including Carlos Boozer, Enes Kanter, Ben McLemore, and Mitchell Robinson, among others. Emily has her own show, "Daily Vibes with Emily," on which she has welcomed some of the biggest names in the industry.

Taking Athletes and NBA players interviews is not always easy; you may stuck during the questions or may feel nervous. Sports journalist “Emily Austin” will explain how a sports journalist can take interviews of Athletes in a way that they will answer all your questions without hesitation, because “Athletes always needs media”.

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Who is Emily Austin?

Emily is an American tv personality, actress, model, and sports journalist from Hofstra University. Emily has interviewed many athletes and current and former NBA players such as Carlos Boozer, Enes Kanter, Ben McLemore and Mitchell Robinson, and others. Emily has its own show “Daily Vibes with Emily” where she has welcomed some of the top celebrities including Immanuel Quickley, Ben McLemore, Zach Banner, and others.

Emily explained the way to take Interviews:

A question was asked to Emily in a podcast that “How do you get the interview you want, how to contact an Athletes? do they gonna respond? She said, Depend on the popularity but If the Athlete is famous and has a social media account then you can simply “Ask them nicely”. Many Athletes are open to interviews, and they won’t mind getting back to you if you start without saying ‘Hi, Hello, Are You There’. Some Athletes are bound with limits, they may not be open to interviews without the permission of a senior coach, agent, or manager. Some Athletes may require you to contact their Public Relations team or agent, Do not try this if you are very new to sports journalism because this will never gonna work.

Decide first what kind of an interview you would like to take. What kind of a story you are going to write, is it about an individual Athlete or about the match an Athlete has played for, or just a chit-chat interview. The athlete will then decide if he has to respond to you or not. Once everything is ready and you are scripting your questions, don’t ask an Athlete useless questions such as: What is your date of birth or In which city you are born. These questions are not only useless but it will give a negative impression to the athlete and he will be forced to think that “You have not done your homework properly”. Never pry into athletes’ personal lives too much, that will make them angry. Don’t stretch the interview for too long that will make the athletes bored.

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Pick the perfect interview space is necessary, if you are taking the interview of Athlete, make sure you choose the right place such as” a tennis courtyard, a ground or a courtside at a tournament”, and if you can’t find any place like these than easy way is to blank wall with some ample light and of course no background noise. Don’t be nervous when taking an interview, and always take a break or stop if you hear a loud noise like a vehicle horn or barking dog, or any noise that disturbs the interview.

Some Questions to Athletes:

  • How do you control your athletic duties and other outside leisure and non-leisure activities?
  • What’s the satisfactory piece of advice you’ve ever received from your coaches?
  • How would your coaches and teammates describe you?
  • What different sports activities do you like apart from the one in which you already are an expert?
  • Do you’ve got any heroes or role models that you look up to?
  • Describe your worst sports activities performance. What did you learn from this experience?
  • What would you do if you noticed a teammate struggling to research a brand new move or play?
  • How do you maintain your teammates feeling effective and motivated at some stage in a loss?
  • what’s one important lesson you’ve learned from your time as an expert athlete?
  • How do you take care of pressure?


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