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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Huge Jackpot of Rs. 255,182,923 paid out online in a Slot Machine

Casino gaming has been the way to easily earn a lot of cash for time immemorial. Such players, are present all over the world, trying their luck out while playing such casino games either in ​real life casinos or online casinos. It has become even easier to earn money with this new facet of the industry: the online one. Genesis casino is one such online casino. One must check their space out to see video slots online with video slots online with real rupees. Very recently one particular bettor, earned a massive amount of Rs. 255,182,923 after placing a bet of 7.25 euros. Well, surprise is that one thing which never bores us, and when one is hit with it more often than not, one doesn’t understand how to process it. The UK based bettor was enough to create a very strong sensation in the betting world for his feat. The betting world is onto him, for such a long time. Mega Moolah is the game which made it possible. The progressive slot game, which made the ends meet.   The scope of casino gaming, slot machines, blackjack etc are being rethought at every juncture now. This definitely is one of the greatest pay-outs made to any of the bettor in the known history. 



Genesis Casino is run by the company Genesis Global Ltd. The online casino, of Genesis is a perfect example of a well curated admixture of games. Blackjack, video slot games etc are all available in this website. The video slot game which caused this wonder, is none other than the game Mega Moolah. 

Started off in 2006, this record-breaking game of Microgaming’s, was celebrating its 13th anniversary just last month. This video slot game has a stupendous turnout​ since its inception. Over the period, this progressive slot game paid out over 121 million euros. It was paid out across 1.7 million jackpots. A mighty number of 10 lucky winners took back enormous seven or eight figure pay-outs home, which added up to be almost 50 million euros. Not just that, this game, paved the way for winning over 10,000 euros by more than 570 players.

The progressive slot games are often associated with extremely good quality graphics making the casino gaming all the more interesting.



The news had spread like wildfire, was the one which changed the life of an Indian boy who was settled in the UK. He was an occasional visitor of such betting websites, and he mostly played slots while at them. On 8th November, while browsing through such casino websites online, he stumbled across Genesis casino. He decided to sign up for free, and play the legendary Mega Moolah game. He placed a bet of £6.25 ​ which​ when you convert in Indian money, is around Rs. 600. Well, that is when he was taken aback. His screen splashed with an announcement, that he won 255,182,923 rupees. 

This was one of the exemplary conditions wherein the Mega Moolah game churned out such an enormous amount. Ever since then, people are going haywire to know the identity of the winner. This historic moment has stirred a lot of minds.



Quite naturally, right after this incident, there was a lot of discussion about this person. However, he didn’t give off his identity yet. He remained incognito, as of now. But, it is known that he is from the city of Hyderabad



The story inspired, right? Isn’t there an instant surge to play the game right away? 

But it is imperative for us to understand that the rules aren’t exactly like the type a conventional game runs about. Progressive slot games have a different methodology, and definitely have a different reward structure. It changes with an increase in the number of players in the network. So, the algorithm is, the greater the number of players, better is the quality of rewards earmarked for it. The most interesting part is when different people play different games at the same time. This doubles up the money.


Well, the method of the game is rather queer and unique. People can use their bonus round at any stage, making it all the more dynamic.  Apart from the bonus round, there is another method of earning. The free spins. It doesn’t come with ideal graphics however it is extremely attractive.