Most Glamorous Casinos in Vegas

If you want to plunge into the world of incredible luxury and glamor, there is no more suitable place in the world than Vegas. Everyone knows that the city of sins of Las Vegas is the world capital of gambling. 

Although vast copies of Vegas casinos have been already rebuilt in Singapore and Macao, this city retains its iconic role of supremacy in the world of gambling. To attract more visitors and make them loyal ones, casino owners take extravagant and pompous steps in terms of design, organization, and cost of projects. 

As a result, once you visit Vegas, you see that the choice is simply unrealistic. You may come across copies of world architectural monuments, such as the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower.

If you want to stake everything and plunge headlong into the world of risk and excitement, then go to the Strip area. A strip is a 5 km long street with more than thirty hotels and, therefore, casinos. 

That’s totally okay to feel dizzy because all the places are worth to be visited. Let’s focus on the most glamorous hotels and casinos that are a must when coming to Vegas if you want to visit glamorous places.

The Mirage Resort & Casino

A unique building designed in the Polynesian style combines a hotel and a casino and often appears in Hollywood films. Gaming services are represented by poker (Texas hold’em, 7-card Stud, Omaha, etc.), and tournaments are held daily, with one-armed bandits, a lot of card tables, and board games.

The design solutions of The Mirage Casino Hotel are legendary. Huge halls are made in the form of catacombs, while white albino tigers walk freely in the lobby (of course, out of access to players).

An artificially recreated tropical forest is located nearby, where you can even observe volcanic eruptions surrounded by a lagoon. Lava erupts every thirty minutes, so you won’t have to wait long. All this resembles the symbolism in the Aztec Pyramid Gold machine.

In total, there are fifty-four waterfalls in the complex, and there is also a swimming pool with dolphins and a twenty-meter aquarium with more than a thousand species of fish. 

In front of the hotel, there is another volcano erupting to a height of thirty meters. It is surrounded by rare tropical plants, such as bamboo and exclusive varieties of orchids.

A unique complex is also famous for its dolphinarium and mini-zoo with white lions and Bengal tigers. Therefore, a visit to The Mirage Resort & Casino in Vegas will fully prove its name and welcome you to a luxury and extraordinary world. 

The New York Casino Hotel

This entertainment complex consists of copies of the recognizable sights of New York: The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan with its unique skyscrapers. The casino hotel often hosts the Cirque du Soleil with its bewitching acrobatic shows. 

The fashionable gambling establishment has separate halls with slot machines and live play so that everyone can find something to their liking. 

Mike Tan, a partner at, notes that “The New York Casino Hotel did an impossible thing. The atmosphere of New York is so charming and unique that it is almost unreal to recreate. But this place… Pulled it off completely.”

The Wynn Las Vegas Casino Hotel

The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is located on the famous Las Vegas Strip street. It is named after the famous billionaire Steve Wynn, known for his activities in the gaming industry.

It is the first Las Vegas complex to include Ferrari and Maserati dealerships. It also has the only Las Vegas Strip golf course. Besides, the Wynn complex is famous for its nightclub with a huge waterfall inside. This casino hotel is not only the highest on the street but also the most luxurious. 

The Wynn Las Vegas complex has a unique twist, the Lake of Dreams with colorful images appearing on the smooth surface of an artificial lake. It is impossible to take your eyes off from such beauty, as it is something unearthly. 

But the surprises do not end there. The halls and corridors of The Wynn Casino Hotel are decorated with world artworks from the private collection of Steve Wynn. Also, you can find the Ferrari-Maserati auto show here.

The Treasure Island Casino Hotel

In full accordance with the name, the Treasure Island complex is decorated in the style of pirate gaming slots. Although the hotel itself is made in a modern style, it is surrounded by an ancient village with a dug canal, crossed by rope bridges with cable railings.

The bright and colorful design evokes associations with films about pirates. Fake skeletons hugging with chests make the visitors feel in their favorite pirate novel. 

In the evenings, spectacular performances take place here. You can watch a musical battle between the corsairs and the English fleet. An impeccable level of service, as well as the fabulous design, allowed The Treasure Island Casino Hotel to receive a prestigious Four Diamonds Award

Anyone can come in, play, and get individual bonuses for all services of the complex. For example, people with notable playing can receive significant discounts on hotel rooms, free dinners in restaurants, or attend exclusive events.

Besides, The Treasure Island Casino Hotel has its chapel, allowing anyone to play a fantastic wedding. Moreover, the number of guests at the celebration is not limited, so you can order any luxury and glamorous ceremony you want. 

Other Fabulous Las Vegas Casinos

Although we took a look at the most glamorous casinos in Las Vegas, there is an incredible number of other attractive and fascinating gambling clubs that deserve your attention. Here are just some of them:

  • At The Luxor Casino Hotel, pyramids, sphinx, and an exact copy of the tomb of Tutankhamun will amaze everyone familiar with the themes of Ancient Egypt and lovers of the Book of Ra slot.
  • At the Venetian Resort Casino Hotel, you can experience Venice at its best with gondolas, canals, ancient architecture, and exclusive boutiques. It is known as one of the best hotels to stay in Vegas.
  • The Paris Las Vegas Casino Hotel will amaze you with a 165-meter replica of the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Arc de Triumph. It is real mini Paris just in the heart of Vegas, with a panoramic platform of 140 meters high.

Final Word

Las Vegas is not just a city of casinos, as you see it in a lot of spy movies. It is a whole world of entertainment, extraordinary locations, and experiences at every turn. These are billions invested in resorts, hotels, casinos, and all other places with one goal

This goal is to make you feel like a god, want to be closer to this luxury, and stay here forever. This city is not only about sins, but more about temptations – you are doomed to be seduced by its gifts.

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