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Thursday, February 15, 2024

#HumStyleAwards: Why netizens are criticizing the event

Pakistanis took to Twitter to express their concerns over the 5th Hum Style Awards that took place in Lahore on Sunday.

Netizens came forward to point out the fact for inviting an alleged harasser to host the night. The most ironic thing criticized at the HUM style awards, was the style itself.

However, it seems like more than one seems to have gone wrong at the event. While many of the netizens came forward to point out the fact for inviting an alleged harasser to host the night. The most ironic thing criticized at the hum style awards, was the style itself.

It was a no-brainer that our female artists including Alizeh Shah, Ayesha Omer, Mashal Khan, Nausheen Shah had opted for western attires for the award show. However, many of them came under backlash for not using this platform to promote our local eastern attires and copying the Hollywood Met Gala looks.

However, the netizen’s concerns had more to do with their sense of style and how the actresses carried themselves. No doubt that gowns and dresses can make out to have gorgeous and elegant looks but not everyone knows how to carry them well.

Alizeh Shah, who became the main focus of the dressing gone wrong target stirred up quite the storm on social media and with her choice of outfit not only failed the dress to impress tag but also with her dancing.

The netizens did not leave the male celebrities that failed to impress too. The most ironic were our fashion designers who seemed have attracted the most attention with their sense of style. His robe with polka dots topped with a cape, a golden crown and gold chained glasses made a rather uncomfortable outfit. Ali Zeeshan may be known as the king of designs failed to look anything but royal at the event.

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While the pandemic has dampened the fashion scene this past year with only a few virtual fashion shows that happened on a smaller scale in 2020, the spirit of fashion is still alive and kicking.

All in glimpses from the award show the only statement that comes to our mind is it was a style show and not a skin show. In our opinion more is less.

HUM TV has taken the first step to bringing the glitz and glam back to the red carpet as the HSAs are expected to be well attended with stars from film, drama, music, sports and the fashion fraternity. Show was attended by the famous actresses Alizeh Shah, Aima Baig and Rashim who also performed at the hum style awards show.