IAF leaves behind China in air defense ranking

China questions these ranking and attributes it to a lack of updated information regarding the modernization and diversity of Chinese air strength

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The World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) has ranked the Indian Air Force third in global air defense systems for the year 2022, after examining the air strengths of various other countries.

Moreover, the report evaluated the warfare capabilities of various air services globally and ranked them accordingly. Similarly, the Indian Air Force was graded higher than its regional competitor China and was also placed above the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), the Israeli Air Force, and the French Air and Space Force.

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Furthermore, this categorization was done on the basis of the total combat strength of various countries’ air defense forces. Likewise, the “True Value Rating” (TVR) formula helps the WDMMA in its categorization and evaluation. TVR also aids in the distinction of each power from the other based on elements such as modernization, technology, calculation help, assault, and guard abilities. Additionally, this technique helps to break down a country’s power on the basis of the quality and diversity of its weapons stock.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force had a total of 1,645 active air crafts in its inventory and in its examination, it commemorated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav with a 75 aircraft Elephant Walk. Moreover, the first two ranks were given to the US Air Force and US Navy. In addition to the Indian air force, the list also categorized the Russian air force, US Army Aviation, and US Marine Corps as well as the Indian and Chinese (PLAAF) Air Force.

Chinese netizens question the new ranking

On the other hand, Chinese netizens are questioning the capabilities of Indian air defense and its new ranking by the WDMMA. Likewise, the Chinese cyber analysts have also raised their concerns over the recent categorization. They consider China’s low ranking due to a lack of updated information regarding the modernization and diversity of Chinese air strength on its official web pages.

Moreover, Chinese social media have also highlighted that India has largely been dependent on foreign aid and imports to enhance its military capacities. Likewise, the articles mention figures for Indian military imports to justify their argument, such as in 2016 the country paid almost $8.7 billion to France in order to acquire modern and upgraded Rafale fighter planes.

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Conclusively, China being the emerging global power has developed a threat perception from its regional rival India which aspires to become a regional hegemon.