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Sunday, April 14, 2024

IG Sindh Takes Notice of the Woman Threatening Hindu Pundit to Close Temple

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IG Sindh, Kaleem Imam took notice and issued an inquiry on the viral video of a woman, disguising as the wife of a DSP, threatening a Hindu pundit to shut down his temple in Hyderabad.

A viral video on social media shows a woman stormed the temple and yelled at the Hindu priest, threatening him to close the temple or face consequences.

Kapil Dev, a Hindu activist in Pakistan, shared the video on social media condemning the act of the woman, questioning Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s ideology of religious freedom in Pakistan.

“Dear Jinnah sb, Are we free to go our temple? No, we are not. Just check this video. A woman who claims to be the wife of DSP stormed into a temple in Hyderabad & threatened the Poojari to close this BROTHEL (temple). SHAME! Before you lecture me what happens in India, watch this!” wrote Kapil Dev in his tweet.

The Police immediately took notice of his complain and initiated action upon the matter. The official Sindh Police account informed on Twitter about the action ordered by IG Kaleem Imam. The activist took to Twitter and appreciated the swift action from Sindh Police.

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“Well done @sindhpolicedmc and IG Sindh Kaleem Imam sb for taking timely action!! I am grateful to all those fellow Pakistanis who raised their voice on this issue. Let smash the bigotry together!! #PakistanForAll” wrote Kapil Dev in his Tweet.

Sindh Police responded to his tweet and stated, “Thank you for highlighting this matter. We would like to clarify here that Sindh Police respects all our fellow citizens. This is an individual act, which is totally unacceptable and will be strictly dealt with as per law,” on Twitter.


Nearly, 4 million Hindu reside in Pakistan. The Hindu community has been complaining of various hate crimes subjected towards them, out of which forced conversion of Hindu girls tops the list. The Hindu community now demands a solution through proper legislation.