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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Images of helpless daughter on hospital floor beside dead mother shock Pakistan

A daughter, carrying her mother's body outside the hospital for an autopsy, was found asleep on the floor alongside the dead body after having waited for over three hours for the procedure to take place.

ARY News on Wednesday reported an “inhumane incident” that took place at Uch Sharif Tehsil of Bahawalpur. A daughter, carrying her mother’s body outside the hospital for an autopsy, was found asleep on the floor alongside the dead body after having waited for over three hours for the procedure to take place.

According to the news agency, the body of the woman, who was killed by her husband, lay outside the Roll Health Center in Och Sharif for over three hours. The daughter of the victim had brought the body to the hospital for autopsy. When she was repeatedly told to wait and provided with no assistance whatsoever, the exhausted daughter lay down on the ground beside her late mother, who was on a stretcher.

Police officials left the woman’s body on the hospital premises and did not even take up the initiative to conduct and/or produce the post-mortem report. Per the news channel, no one came to the woman’s aid and neither was her claim heard. ARY reports that the girl begged and requested doctors and paramedical staff of the hospital for her mother’s post mortem but no one showed mercy.

Killing in the name of Dowry 

It should be noted that the woman was stabbed to death by her husband for not waiving the dowry. The woman was killed by her husband on Wednesday morning over a ‘haq meher’ dispute in South Punjab’s Uch Sharif. The police had shifted the body to the hospital for autopsy.

Last week, a law was passed in the country to ban dowry. In a rather historic decision, Pakistan becomes the first Muslim country to do so. The Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan decided to ban the tradition of dowry which basically revolves around the groom’s family asking for either expensive gifts, furniture, cars, and in extreme cases, property, before marriage.

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Another woman killed in the name of ‘honour’ in Sheikhupura

Just recently, another woman was allegedly killed by her father and brother in the name of ‘honour’ in Sheikhupura, ARY News reported.

According to the police, the woman had married a man of her choice against the consent of her parents a few months back in Sheikhupura. It was her brother-in-law who tied the knot of the girl with his nephew, said sources.

On Tuesday night, her father and brother reached Sheikhupura from Faisalabad and killed the women inside her house. The duo managed to escape from the scene after killing the woman, the police added.

The newly married woman was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival. The police have registered a case and launched investigations into the murder.

Couple allegedly killed in the name of honor

Earlier on July 18, a boy and a girl had been allegedly killed in Gujrat city of the Punjab province over honour. According to ARY News, the bullet-riddled and tortured body of the boy identified as Khalil Anwar and another body of a girl, Shaista, had been found from separate lakes within the area of Kunjah police station in Gujrat.

According to the news channel, the body of the girl was recovered from a lake in Sarai Alamgir area. Her family propagated among the neighbourhood before the death that she was suffering from mental illness. The body of 19-year-old Khalil Anwar was recovered later from a lake near a village in Gujarat.

“Post-mortem report has found that the ear, lips and tongue of the victim were cut using a sharp-pointed material and he was later dumped in the lake after being shot three times in the body,” claimed the news channel said while detailing the chilling murder of the victim.The police have, however, yet to admit the crime as an honour killing incident.

DSP Saddar, Gujrat, Chaudhry Saeed claimed that they carried out the post-mortem of the male victim soon after the recovery of the body. “It showed that he was murdered,” said the DSP as police awaited post-mortem report of the girl, whose body bore no torture marks. “We have registered a case and initiated our investigations to ascertain the facts,” the police said.