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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Imran Khan: A failed politician or a master strategist?

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan was deposed by a no-confidence vote in parliament, days after he blocked a similar attempt. The passing of the motion came after the country’s Supreme Court ruled the cricket star turned politician acted unconstitutionally in previously blocking the process and dissolving parliament.

The human mind is the most powerful tool one can have; it can either helps you to summit ultimate success or send you into valleys of utter demise. To master the use of the mind to its optimal level is an art in itself.

Becoming the master of your mind, or it shall rule you; are the two probable outcomes of this exercise on the theoretical side.

Where we read from sages, “The mind is everything, what you think you become” Buddha.

In Metaphysical explanations, they call it positive Aura or orange energy which, a positive mind transmits to its surroundings that can be sensed as excellent or positive vibes.

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The highest level of IQ or mental strength is to know thy enemy’s mind, but for someone who has a sense that makes his enemy make a move; he already knows, then it’s hard to beat that mind.

In current political developments, one famous quote from Napoleon Bonaparte, “insubordination may only be the evidence of a strong mind“, seems quite relevant.

This entire political activity emerged from this question of submission between different spheres of power, either within or outside. Here I would like to base my argument on any possible outcome; purely on the role of a positive mind and its influence on genuine thoughts.

Oversight or Missing link?

The establishment and the deep state are established power players and power brokers of state organs in any country. There are two kinds of political maneuvers, one whose agenda is loud and clear to the masses, but there are other agendas hidden behind layers and layers of planning and the other is playing through set rules of the game.

In the current political situation, they placed their pawns in place days ahead, like victorious commanders of the battle of Gallipoli. And now it’s time to use them and disturb the order from within. This is something that can’t be ignored in this great gaming.

Shifting the Balance or Responsibility?

Miss judgment or error in understanding, he resigned and dissolved his government despite the fact portrayed by paid media as “utter failure and demise” there was much to play and something to gain but they missed their train.

So smartly, he turned his undue failures times in government into a political slogan and created a narrative that is long outdated in the political scenario of any 3rd world country and especially Pakistan, where the post-colonial mindset of inferiority complex is embedded in the very fabric of society due to set political system in place and lack of education.

JI, A stalwart entity of agitative politics or pressure group within the Pakistani political arena, has played this card for decades with other religious groups that used anti-west or anti-US slogans to galvanize support in the masses, but they failed time and time again.

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PTI and Imran Khan used this slogan to galvanize popular support. Still, he managed to brand it as a narrative for a mass political movement right after being ousted from the government.

After three and half years in office, he failed to deliver on most of his promises a cultivated narrative by media where both external and external internal forces invested heavily.

In recent developments in the public sphere where Mr. Khan has changed the entire course of political maneuvering to a level, it seems like he scripted the discourse to fine planning where every aspect of future events was under his keen observation to counter any possible misfortune too.

On 25th April so abruptly he called off his mass protest after a long battering from law enforcement personnel and a tiring march only a great political leader or strategist can do that but here, he was different cornered Tiger in the shape of Shepperd who can do anything to save his herd.

Implementation of political ideas

Either his sincerity in saying these words to start his speech “ thy You we worship and thy You we seek help” or other divine forces are working for him, when he is about to exhaust something comes out OR he is truly a master chess player who is playing on all boards.

These audio leaks are either the pre-emptive launch of his counterattack of 5th Gen warfare, where he is playing as a one-man army because he realized even people around him are still not ready yet.

He introduced a lot of new ideas for political gatherings or mass rallies, blind music was introduced to it same as Sufi’s did in the last moral renaissance of the 16th century in the Indian subcontinent through the introduction of Qawwali and this recent PowerPoint-like presentation in mass rallies through projecting screens.

But his motive for the real awakening of his nation was started back in 2014 in Dharna where he was delivering the same speech two times a day for 120m days and now he talks like a scholar by every passing day rather than a politician or political leader and now he behaves like fatherly figure, who is in a constant struggle to save his children “My Daughters” there was lot empathy and care in it when he said this while addressing female university youth.

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His speeches to the larger audience in his untiring Jalsas around 55 he addressed so far where he is doing the same thing which he started in 2014, to many even in his closer circles it’s irreconcilable or understandable but he is using this platform to deliver his message across.

Stepping ahead on his set course during the last two weeks he is going around all fictions of the society, from trade unions to lawyers and students, and religious scholars he gives them examples of the west and their social system but when he is out in masses he tells them about the State of Madina.

Sense and logic of academic reasoning and how he manages his rhythm and flow? His tune and pitch complement his arguments.

Unveiling ideas and Resistance

Sometimes I can’t comprehend and get my head around this idea; to remove this man, the world’s mightiest countries from outside and insanely greedy corrupt mafia from within has joined hands along with some others, it never makes any sense to me but proves to satisfaction of my mind that it’s a battle of an ideology not mere a political change or regime change so to counter it in the first place his recent slogan of Pakistan ka Matlab Kia?

Two facts have never been brought into a real discussion, first is divine injunctions OR he is chosen to accomplish a mission and the other is this idea of the Punjabi mindset; which is in power since unionists became reality in our post-creation politics.

There was nothing wrong with him but still elements within the civil society, media, political elite even some in his party, bureaucracy and military couldn’t absorb the fact that he marginalized that very sect in his appointments and progression due to good reason of incompetence, they resisted him in a very professional way to their minds, which was wicked as it can be and not like their symbol of power at the political arena where Mr. Sharif conceded his ground due to his lack of political wisdom, greed and embedded corruption.

While Mr. Khan voiced for federal unity, this has earned him a lot of recognition among the middle-class urban elite who were disenfranchised from politics across society.

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He always said it’s a game of nerves, he knew what he is doing? but many don’t or it’s so sensitive subject that no one can talk about it in open.

His blend of music in intervals starts with a Quranic phrase. Song played are more to do with nationalism cum religious identity and social coherence and in the audience, there are city girls with party name printed faces and families with young children, a farmer, city workers lower middle class any more of a very deprived segment of society makes it a real stage for the start of the true freedom movement.


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