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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Imran Khan barred from meeting Shahbaz Gill

Imran Khan, along with senior leadership of PTI, reached PIMS, Islamabad on Friday to visit Dr. Shahbaz Gill, however, he was not allowed to meet him by the Islamabad Police despite court orders.

Imran Khan reached PIMS to visit Shahbaz Gill who has been admitted there as per the instructions of Islamabad court after he was presented before the court in a wheelchair while he was facing difficulty in breathing, however, the former Prime Minister was not allowed by the police to meet Shahbaz Gill.

Addressing the media outside the hospital, Imran Khan asked from whom is the police taking order, “are court orders worthless?”.

While talking to the media, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced that he will be leading a rally in Islamabad on Saturday to demand the release of Shahbaz Gill and urged the people of Islamabad to take part in the rally. “The rally will also protest the clampdown being faced by ARY News just because it gives coverage to PTI”, Imran Khan added.

“Death is better than accepting the slavery of these thieves”, Imran Khan said while referring to the incumbent government.

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Earlier in the day, Dr. Babar Awan, in a press conference, had announced that former Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit PIMS, Islamabad to inquire after the health of Dr. Shahbaz Gill who has been allegedly subjected to torture in the police custody.

Addressing the press conference Dr. Babar Awan said that the government has launched a ‘Get Imran’ campaign which is comprised of three parts. “In the first part, they believe that the speaker of national assembly will send a reference to ECP which can result in disqualification of Imran Khan”. However, he clarified that without a court’s decision proving the dishonesty of a person, anyone cannot be disqualified.

He went on to say that secondly the government tried to disqualify Imran Khan in the prohibited funding case, however, the maximum punishment for receiving funds from prohibited sources is the confiscation of these funds by the government. “The third part of the ‘Get Imran’ campaign, is the worst onslaught in the history of Pakistan, for which Dr. Shahbaz Gill was arrested”, he added.

Dr. Babar Awan clarified that Dr. Shahbaz Gill is an educated person who left behind a life abroad to serve Pakistan. “The whole PTI is united under the leadership of Imran Khan to defend Shahbaz Gill”, he said. “Individual opinions do not reflect the official policy of PTI, we believe that Shahbaz Gill is an asset of PTI who have sacrificed a lot for PTI”, Dr. Babar Awan said while clarifying the official stance of PTI.

Condemning the torturous treatment of Shahbaz Gill at the hands of Islamabad Police, Dr. Babar Awan said that the treatment being meted out to him is indescribable. “Such treatment is prohibited by Geneva convention even in wars”, he said.

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An Islamabad district and sessions court, ordered the Islamabad police on Friday to admit Dr. Shahbaz Gill in PIMS Hospital, Islamabad as he was facing difficulty in breathing when he was presented before the court in a wheelchair. The court suspended the physical remand of Dr. Shahbaz Gill.

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Islamabad High Court, while hearing the plea against the physical remand of Shahbaz Gill, allowed the legal counsel of Shahbaz Gill to meet him. The court also directed that the place of Gill’s confinement should be informed to his friends and he himself should also be informed about his right to a counsel’s assistance and communication with friends and family.

However, despite these orders, PTI Chairman Imran Khan was barred from meeting Shahbaz Gill when he reached the hospital to inquire after him.