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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Imran Khan proved most popular leader after landslide victory in By-elections 2022

Imran Khan has no plan of returning to the National Assembly, yet he won a majority in the by-elections in 2022, proving that he is indeed the most popular leader of Pakistan.

PTI’s historic victory in the By-elections 2022 is once again proof of Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s popularity among the people.

Imran Khan made history by emerging victorious on six National Assembly seats on Sunday by-elections, according to unofficial results.

PTI clinched victory in NA-31 Peshawar, NA-22 Mardan, NA-24 Charsadda, NA 108 Faisalabad, Karachi’s NA-239 Korangi, and NA-118 Nankana Sahib-II as PTI Chairman Imran Khan defeated ruling coalition candidates in respective constituencies.

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Moreover, PTI also won two of three Punjab Assembly seats in the by-elections, further strengthening its position in Punjab – the country’s biggest province — where it rules in coalition with PML-Q.

Pertinent to mention that the by-elections were held on eight National Assembly and three Punjab Assembly. In a major upset for the ruling coalition, PPP clinched only two NA seats and PML-N only one Punjab Assembly seat.

In all the constituencies, PTI won by more than thousands of votes that it wasn’t even a close call! In Peshawar’s NA-31 by-election, PTI won by more than 25,000 votes. In the Mardan NA-22 by-poll, PTI won by a margin of 8,500 votes. In the Charsadda NA-24 by-polls, Imran Khan won the contest by 10,233 votes. In the NA-108 Faisalabad, Imran Khan won by more than 24,471 votes. In the NA-118 Nankana Sahib-II seat, Imran Khan defeated PML-N by a little over 12,000 votes.

Imran Khan – Pakistan’s most popular leader

Needless to say, PTI’s victory in the by-elections in 2022 has proven that Imran Khan is indeed the most popular leader of Pakistan. Interestingly, Imran Khan does not even have plans to return to the National Assembly. This was revealed by PTI Secretary-General Asad Umar.

“Today’s election was a referendum. Imran Khan will not return to the assembly after winning and he will also not take the oath. Our only demand is to give people the right to vote,” the senior PTI leader said on Sunday. Despite staying away from the National Assembly, Imran Khan won a majority.

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Ever since his forceful ouster due to the controversial no-confidence motion, his popularity among the public has racked up. People actually travel long distances just to hear his speeches at rallies.