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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Imran Khan’s speech at Chakwal rally becomes a hit!

Imran Khan's speech became a hit and is trending on Twitter. Netizens are retweeting snippets of his speech where he asked the nation to not be fearful. 

PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at his Chakwal rally is gaining a lot of praise and attention from the public.

Imran Khan is currently holding a series of rallies across the country to mobilize his supporters ahead of the general elections next year. The Chakwal jalsa is his 50th power show where he gave quite an aggressive speech to a charged crowd.

Apart from the usual tirade against the incumbent coalition government, towards the end, Imran Khan’s speech took a turn where he advise the public to not be fearful anymore.

During his speech, Imran Khan urged the public to not hold back and asked them to “threat those in return who are threatening them by calling from unknown numbers.”

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“I am asking Pakistanis to break the fear of idols, those threatening you by calling from unknown numbers and frightening you, threat and scare them in return,” Imran Khan said.

He claimed that since ‘Mr. X and Mr. Y’ have been issuing threats to people, they should be on the receiving end of similar treatment. Pertinent to mention that there have been reports of PTI leaders and journalists critical of the incumbent government receiving threatening phone calls from unknown numbers.

“Who are they to threaten you? You are the leaders of the country! Calling you from unknown numbers, threatening and scaring you. Do what you want! We will see too!” Imran Khan hit out.

Needless to say, Imran Khan’s speech became a hit and began trending on Twitter. Netizens are retweeting snippets of his speech where he asked the nation to not be fearful.

People are claiming that his speech inspired them and filled them with passion.

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Since Imran Khan enjoys huge public support, his sayings go viral and his supporters take his sayings very seriously. Ever since his forceful ouster due to the controversial no-confidence motion, his popularity among the public has racked up. People actually travel long distances just to hear his speeches at rallies.