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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Imran Khan selling unutilized state owned properties at Dubai Expo

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a decision to sell off unutilized state owned properties at the upcoming Dubai Expo, and the funds generated from the sale will be diverted to the government's public welfare schemes, focused on education, health, poverty alleviation and more.

The federal government has decided to sell off its prized un-utilized state-owned properties at the Dubai Expo in a bid to attract foreign and Pakistani investors. Reports reveal that the funds generated through the sale will be used for public welfare schemes, related to housing, food, education, and healthcare.

This decision was made during a meeting to deliberate the use of abandoned state properties, held at the Prime Minister office on Wednesday. Prime Minister Imran Khan presided over the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Ali Haider Zaidi, the Minister for Ports and Shipping, Minister for Privatization Mian Muhammad Soomro, Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, Assistant Secretary for Overseas Pakistanis, and Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information, amongst other federal secretaries.

Unutilized State Properties

Sources reveal that Rizwan Malik, Privatization Secretary, apprised the Prime Minister that all unutilized state properties will be promoted at the Dubai Expo to attract foreign and Pakistani investors to invest and obtain valuable assets across the country.

The Prime Minister has ordered the concerned authorities to organize the sale of all valuable abandoned state-owned properties and to utilize the money generated for public welfare. The Prime Minister said that despite owning properties worth billions of rupees, the state institutions continue to be burdened by billions worth of losses each year.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan reportedly said, “Utilization of properties worth billions of rupees will aid in generating funds to be spent on government’s public welfare schemes, including hospitals, colleges, schools and more. It is an important feature of the government’s policy.”

The Premier added, “Unfortunately, the previous governments had committed criminal negligence as they did not utilize these precious properties. Despite having billions worth of assets, many federal government institutions are suffering billions of rupees worth of losses each year.”

Prime Minister warned that strict measures would be taken against any government official who fails to identify abandoned properties or attempts to hinder the government’s decisions. The Premier directed federal and provincial ministries, alongside the Asset Management Committee, to resolve all issues pertaining to identified state-owned properties in the coming week and ensure that the government’s decision is implemented immediately.

Rizwan Malik, Privatization Secretary apprised the meeting about the progress achieved by the government departments on the utilization of various state-owned properties, and the prospects of privatizing these properties.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has made several promises to the youth and the country of introducing public welfare schemes, and state universities, including the Al-Qadir University, dedicated to Sufism and the Hyderabad University.

The Premier, in November, announced the provision of 50,000 scholarships in the largest ever scholarship program announced by the government.

As part of his ambitious anti-corruption drive, the Premier also announced the decision to sell off the cars and assets owned by the PM House.