PM Khan laid the foundation of Al-Qadir University for Sufism


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Prime Minister Imran Khan had laid the foundation of Al-Qadir University to teach ‘Sufism’ in Sohawa. The university, he declared, would create future leaders that will counter Islamophobia and protect the ideology of Pakistan.

Addressing the ceremony Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that the university will teach students in the principles of the state of Madina and Pakistan’s ideology given by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

“This university will produce the next generation of leaders of Pakistan. This next generation needs to know how the Islamic world of yesteryear achieved its golden period. This university will focus on research and thorough studies that will help unlock the potential of our coming generations,” said PM Imran.

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He mentioned that the university is not a public sector university but a private varsity that had been established with funds collected from the private sector.

“This university will do two things. First, it will focus on all new technologies, be it artificial intelligence, agricultural technologies or any other field. We are lagging behind the world in this sphere; China is one of the leaders and we have requested them for assistance.”

He stated that Al-Qadir University is a part of the manifesto of the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf to modernized and revolutionize education in Pakistan.

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“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always stressed the importance of education to excel in life. He said no society can ever progress without education. The Muslim world produced eminent scientists and scholars because they followed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in letter and spirit.”

“The foundation of the state of Madina was based on upholding the law and ensuring justice for all. The state took responsibility for the welfare of poor, elderly and women. Justice and public welfare are essential if we want to see a stable and secure Pakistan in the future,” stated PM Khan in conclusion.