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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Imran Khan reaches Quetta, ensures all possible assistance to province

Imran Khan while addressing the provincial cabinet said that the government was closely monitoring the situation in Pakistan. He said that he is keeping an eye on developed countries where extraordinary measures have been taken to stem the spread of COVID-19. PM Khan also realizes that Pakistan's societal and economic fabric needs different measures than that of developed countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Baluchistan on Thursday and addressed the provincial cabinet in Quetta.

In his address to the provincial cabinet and members of the parliament, PM Imran said the coronavirus has become a challenge for the entire world including Pakistan.

Imran Khan said further, “We will fight as a nation against the coronavirus pandemic that has grappled almost the entire world,” he added, sharing his apprehensions that the situation could worsen in the coming months. However, he noted that the government was closely monitoring the situation in Pakistan and keeping an eye on global dynamics where developed countries such as the US, China, and most parts of Europe have taken measures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

PM Imran, pertaining to coronavirus, said it was fortunate that there is no serious case in the province till now. However, Balochistan might economically suffer most due to the lockdown.

Medical  and other necessary supplies ensured by PM Khan

“We will offer all possible assistance to the government of Balochistan in tackling the coronavirus. We will provide all resources to Balochistan,” Imran Khan said.

Khan added, “I understand very well the challenges poor people are facing during the lockdown. A workable economic strategy should be made to reduce the challenges of the poor as much as possible, adding that, “The provincial governments should take concrete steps to ensure an uninterrupted supply of food items.”

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The premier said the provinces were to inform the federal government on April 14 about the steps they could take to ease the lockdown. He said the center and the provincial governments were on the same page.

It was provincial governments’ call to end or continue the lockdown, he noted, adding that they would make decisions by analysing the situation in their respective regions.

Pakistan has also sought help from China by learning from their experience of fighting coronavirus, PM Imran added.

COAS directed commanders to assist the civil administration in fighting against COVID-19

On April 8, 2020 (Yesterday), the Chief of Army Staf (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa directed corps commanders on Tuesday to prop up the government and provide medical supplies to remote regions.

The corps commanders participated in the conference through a video link from their respective corps headquarters. The conference extensively discussed the situation in the country due to the pandemic.

The army chief in a statement before the conference reminded that even the “most advanced nations or governments are finding it extremely difficult to fight this pandemic”. He assured that the government was striving hard to acquire and supply the required resources. “In this hour of distress we must remain patient and steadfast,” he added.