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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Imran Khan’s AI Speech: Challenges, Foreign Policy, and Regional Fallout

Khan lamented the economic damage and regional isolation caused by the ongoing political disturbances in the country.

Imran Khan, the founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has asserted that the entire state apparatus is manipulating the law and the Constitution of Pakistan to exclude him and his party from the electoral process. Speaking in an audio speech created through artificial intelligence during a virtual convention, the incarcerated former prime minister claimed that the hostility against him is a result of his advocacy for an independent foreign policy.

Khan stated that the erosion of the political and moral fabric of Pakistani society began when he pursued an independent foreign policy, emphasizing his refusal to be a proxy for wars. He highlighted the losses incurred by Pakistan in collaborating with the United States in the war on terror, citing the significant human toll. Since his removal, Khan noted a series of crackdowns on his party, with the most severe occurring after the alleged “false flag operation” of May 9, 2023.

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Expressing concern over the treatment of his party members, including women who were jailed, Khan argued that the scale and nature of the state’s attack on women were unprecedented in Pakistan. According to him, a grand scheme hatched in London aimed to keep him and his party out of the electoral process, even leading to the confiscation of their electoral symbol.

Khan lamented the economic damage and regional isolation caused by the ongoing political disturbances in the country. He reminisced about his government’s efforts to establish a foreign policy based on regional economic connectivity, with initiatives targeting CIS states, Russia, and enhanced relations with China.

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In the AI-generated speech, Khan also highlighted his government’s role in facilitating discussions between Iran and Yemen to improve relations with Saudi Arabia. He mentioned his address to the UN General Assembly, where he emphasized the importance of Prophet Mohammed (SAWW) and contributed to the establishment of March 15 as an international day against Islamophobia.

Referring to his ousting from power in April the previous year, Khan recounted his government’s support for the Doha talks to ensure a peaceful withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. However, he acknowledged that the sudden fall of the Ghani regime led to chaos during the withdrawal. Despite suggestions that he was blamed by the Biden administration for the messy withdrawal, Khan asserted that the true vision of his government was regional economic connectivity, and he extended a hand of friendship to India, which was rejected by the Modi-led regime.