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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Imran Khan’s alleged audio on US cipher leaked

"We can't take the name of America. We just have to play with it," Imran Khan allegedly said to Azam Khan. 

After PML-N, former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has become the target of audio leaks. A recording of Imran Khan’s alleged conversation with then principal secretary Azam Khan has surfaced on social media.

In the alleged audio conversation, Imran Khan and his then principal secretary Azam Khan could be heard discussing the US cipher, which the PTI chief claimed led to the ouster of the previous government. Imran Khan allegedly tells Azam Khan to “play” with the US cipher narrative.

“We can’t take the name of America. So let’s just play with it. We will say that the date was already there,” Imran Khan allegedly said to Azam Khan.

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The then principal secretary Azam Khan suggested holding a meeting on the cipher issue with then Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Foreign Secretary (Sohail Mahmood) where the letter will be read out and converted into “minutes”.

“After this, we will write the analysis, so it becomes part of the record. In the analysis, we will say that the language used [in the letter] — in line with diplomatic norms — is termed a threat,” Azam Khan allegedly said.

Pertinent to mention that the cipher, based on then-envoy Asad Majeed’s meeting with State Department official Donald Lu, is at the center of PTI’s claim that the US conspired with elements within Pakistan to dislodge Imran Khan from office.

Imran Khan’s leaked audio creates storm on social media

The leaked audio of former Prime Minister Imran Khan is going viral on social media. Interestingly, it is garnering a mixed reaction. PTI is defending the alleged conversation between Imran Khan and Azam Khan by claiming that the cipher was real.

“The new leaks only confirm that an attempt was made to hide the US cipher from the Prime Minister,” Fawad Chaudhry tweeted.

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“When Imran Khan was Prime Minister, his government was removed following the exact same script as was given in the cipher. Let that sink in. I think the cipher should be released now and the people of Pakistan should decide whether it was a conspiracy or even more than that,” PTI’s Hammad Azhar said.

“The cipher turned out to be the truth and “Hai To Baruni Saazish” is a testimony to why Donald Lu said that if Imran Khan is not removed, Pakistan will face dire consequences,” PTI’s official Twitter account wrote.

Meanwhile, critics of Imran Khan are claiming that the former premier has been exposed and the US regime change narrative was a conspiracy by PTI itself.