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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Will “expose” those involved in “foreign conspiracy”: Imran Khan

Khan says he is aware of the central characters but did not name them for the sake of national interest.

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday warned that he would “expose” every character involved in the alleged “foreign conspiracy” against him if forced, Dawn reported.

During an address via social media platforms, the PTI chairman talked about the harassment of pro-party journalists, including Sabir Shakir, Imran Riaz Khan, and Sami Ibrahim.

He also referred to cases registered against him and other party leaders and the released audio tapes.

He said he was aware of the central characters that were part of the alleged conspiracy against his government, but he did not name them for the sake of national interest.

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“I am well aware of the conspirators and abettors… but I just want to inform the nation that I remained silent because I did not want to inflict any harm on my country,” the PTI chairman added.

Khan again referred to a “secret tape” where he claims to have named “every character and their role in the ouster of the PTI government.”

Questioning the silence of the country’s judiciary, the PTI Chief asked whether citizens’ fundamental rights had been “suspended” under what he called a “fascist regime.”

“I want to ask a question from my nation, my judiciary, whether fundamental rights have been suspended in Pakistan. Before answering, please do clarify if martial law has been imposed. Does the Constitution permit such transgressions?”

He said pro-PTI journalists had received “threatening calls” when forced them to flee the country.

He also talked about the government’s crackdown on PTI workers ahead of PTI’s Azadi march and said, “On May 25, we took to streets for a peaceful protest, and we have a history of nonviolent protests … [but] on 25th police raided houses and harassed women and children,”

Comparing himself with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Khan said that both their governments were ousted at the behest of the US.

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Referring to Islamabad’s decision to join the ‘war on terror,’ he said, “The US wanted Pakistan to pursue the same old foreign policy where they would make a single phone call and order Pakistan to make decisions in Washington’s favour.”

With input from Dawn