Imran Khan’s exit: The day democracy died in Pakistan

Now that the PDM has formed a government that also consists of those parties who enjoyed the luxuries of being a minister will once again decide the fate of Pakistan. The effort to portray themselves as revolutionary will begin but it might not work as everyone knows their history.

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The morning of April 10th will be in a democratic Pakistan, but it will not feel like an independent Pakistan where democracy has made any progress. Even though it is still unclear whether the 10th or 7th of April is the death date of democracy when the Supreme Court of Pakistan did not care to listen to one side and issued a ruling that was completely one-sided. Pakistan gained independence in 1947, yet as of 2022, the country still lacks a Prime Minister who has completed his 5-year tenure.

Imran Khan was forced to resign as Pakistan’s prime minister after practically every major party in the country signed a no-confidence resolution against him. No confidence motions are part of every democratic system, but when a country’s prime minister claims that foreign powers are in charge of the process, he deserves to be heard. Despite Imran Khan’s repeated mentions of the letter’s importance, no institution has bothered to investigate it. He indicated that his life might be at risk multiple times, yet no suo moto action was done. The election commission played a dirty game to influence court decisions and courts were opened on Sunday and at 12 a.m. to provide justice, but not to defend the life of a prime minister. The victory of the No-confidence motion is not the reason why democracy died today rather selective justice is the reason for its demise.

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History will never forget a murderer who returned from overseas as a hero to vote against Imran Khan, or how a member of parliament who was imprisoned was permitted to vote, despite the fact that he was imprisoned for hate speech against the Pakistan army. The Sindh House drama will forever be remembered as a sad day in Pakistani politics and a continuation of the changa manga politics of the 1990s. Which institution/individual ruled that these activities were unconstitutional? The actual murderer is selective justice. Those who hail it as a victory for democracy are living in a fantasy world. Many people will be haunted by this in the following years, and it will have a significant influence on our sovereignty. When you know the price of a certain commodity, it gets even easier to bargain.

What will the opposition achieve from this?

Who stood on the right side is something that has to be recorded in history books. Since we’ve officially returned to old Pakistan, one must question why there’s been so much commotion in trying to form a government for a few months when they could just wait, prepare for elections, and run with the less popular Imran Khan and win by a large majority. This is what I want to do to your sensitivities in order to crack the fantastic game and visible narrative.

Let me also point out a vital statement on the first page of this script: ‘never give Imran Khan power again.’ All of this chaos and hard effort will not allow Imran Khan to win the next election until his popularity wave reaches the public, and even cheating will not prevent him from achieving a two-thirds majority; otherwise, he would be left alone in this great game of politics.

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Prediction for the future

Now that the PDM has formed a government that also consists of those parties who enjoyed the luxuries of being a minister will once again decide the fate of Pakistan. The effort to portray themselves as revolutionary will begin but it might not work as everyone knows their history. This government will solely focus on taking powers away from NAB and FIA to end the accountability process, end Nawaz Sharif’s lifetime ban from parliament and in that process he will be the candidate for PM in the next General Elections.

Many will get free of cases and will be back in Pakistan on doctors’ advice of course. After that, the so-called ‘Electoral reform’ will take place which means getting rid of EVM and Overseas Pakistani voting rights. In the third phase, the field will be set for next elections by making certain important appointments in Punjab such as AC’s and DC’s. This is how we will go into the next elections.

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Many people did not anticipate Imran Khan to receive such a positive reception from the populace. Imran Khan’s vote bank is made up of Pakistanis who are connected to and romanticised by his personality, not because of any historical value of affection for the party or because Imran Khan handed government employment. He will undoubtedly carry this support into the next elections, and the only way for him to return to power is by a massive wave that will bulldoze every obstacle; otherwise, the director, producer, and cast of this script will not allow him to return to power.

God bless Pakistan’s democracy!


The writer is a MPhil scholar, analyst and journalist with expertise on national and international politics. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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