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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Imran Khan’s pet dog likely to get Wikipedia pages

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Imran Khan’s pet dog is likely to have its own Wikipedia page. The encyclopedia help desk has confirmed the news.

“Wikipedia articles cover notable topics. If a topic or subject receives significant coverage in reliable secondary sources (independent of the subject) such as newspapers, then the topic/subject is considered notable and can have its standalone entry on Wikipedia,” Saqib, from Wikipedia’s help desk informed media.

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“Imran’s pet dogs attracted press attention over a sufficiently significant period of time, so I think we can have a page on them, We already have several pages on United States presidential pets,” Saqib added.

Imran Khan currently has five dogs Moti, Sherni, Pidu, Maximus and Sheru. According to media reports, Sheru has passed away and the status of Maximus is unconfirmed.

Saqib informed that the page currently lacks the basic information regarding the pet dog; the details about the breed, birth date, and biological behavior are not added on the page. He believes the page will get more content once Imran Khan takes the oath.

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“The dogs will attract more media attention after Imran assumes the high office and more information will surely pour in”, Saqib added to his statement.

He also informed that Wikipedia has removed the pages of Bakhtawar and Aseefa Bhutto. He informed that the page did not meet the basic requirements and hence had to be removed.

In 2015, an English media organization Daily Mail reported that Imran Khan divorced his second wife Reham Khan after rows over his pet dog. In April 2018, the dogs were again blamed for a squabble between him and his third wife Bushra Maneka.

It was also said that former President General Pervez Musharraf gifted Imran Khan several puppies during his rule.