Incredible Facts About CBD Oil

There has been a considerable focus on CBD oil over the last few years. CBD oil was once considered a niche health care product, but that has changed, and it is now a widely used dietary supplement.

Despite being so popular, most people still know very little about CBD oil. Many people who buy CBD oil are aware that it has several potential health benefits but do not fully understand why or how to use it effectively.

Here are five incredible facts about CBD oil that most people do not know.

#1 – CBD Oil Is Not Intoxicating or Addictive

People often wrongly believe that CBD can cause intoxicating effects and become addictive when used over a prolonged period. The confusion is caused by CBD’s derivation from hemp plants, from which THC also originates.

While THC is an intoxicating compound, CBD is not. The two might share the same parent plant, but they have very little in common in terms of their effect on the human body.

The World Health Organization conducted a report that found hemp extract “exhibits no efforts indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” In practical terms, this means that CBD supplements can be used with confidence because you know that they contain a non-addictive substance.

#2 – CBD Oil Can Cause Side Effects When Consumed in Large Amounts

CBD supplements are often marketed as a great alternative to other dietary supplements as they will not cause any adverse side effects. While there is definitely some truth in this claim, it is still possible to experience side effects from CBD.

Most CBD supplements contain a relatively low dosage and are extremely unlikely to cause harmful effects. However, if a large quantity of CBD is consumed, especially frequently, it can cause unwanted side effects.

Luckily, CBD’s side effects tend to be short-lived in most cases. Common effects include nausea, feelings of sedation, and dizziness.

The potential to experience such effects should put people off trying CBD oils. Almost all CBD oils come with instructions regarding how much to consume at any one time and how often. As long as users heed the instructions, side effects are unlikely.

#3 – Not All CBD Oils Contain the Same Cannabinoids

The CBD found in oil supplements is derived from hemp plants, but it is not the only cannabinoid that hemp produces. CBD oils can vary significantly regarding the range of cannabinoids that they contain.

Several factors determine which cannabinoids are present within hemp plants. Firstly, there is the plant strain. There are hundreds of different hemp strains, and each one contains a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Secondly, the climate, soil, and growing conditions of hemp plants also affect the cannabinoids and terpenes that they produce.

The extraction methods used to separate CBD from hemp plants also impact the cannabinoids found within the resulting tincture. CBD isolate oils, for example, only contain one cannabinoid: CBD. In contrast, full-spectrum oils contain all of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant.

#4 – CBD Oil Affects Everyone Differently

Calculating the perfect CBD oil dosage is impossible. Everyone reacts differently to CBD and will experience slightly different results even when using the same product.

Many factors come together and determine how a person responds to CBD and the products that are most likely to work best for them.

Factors such as body weight, metabolic rate, CBD tolerance level can impact the amount of CBD a person requires to cause specific effects and how often they may need to use it. Other temporary factors like what you have recently eaten can also play a role in determining how effective a particular product is.

The range of cannabinoids within a CBD oil can also be significant as certain cannabinoids can react differently for different people. It is never a good idea to assume the effects of a CBD product simply because another person has had a particularly good or bad experience with the product.

#5 – CBD Oil Can Be Added to Foods And Drinks

CBD oils are often sold in small glass tinctures and designed to use on their own as sublingual drops. While using CBD oils as sublingual drops can be highly effective and quick, it is not the only way to utilize them.

CBD oils can be added to smoothies, baking recipes, and hot drinks for a discreet way to consume. Adding them to foods can make them easier to work into busy schedules and hide the somewhat earthy taste that many CBD oils possess.

There is an endless list of recipes online that contain CBD extract. For those that dislike the taste of oils, these can be a great place to start. 


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