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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

India spent a whopping Rs.7 crore on the training of athlete Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal following his throw of 87.58m in the final round. On the other hand, Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem landed in the fifth spot in the final round with scanty resources to support his training for the mega event.

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According to a recent report, India spent nearly Rs.7 crore on the training of Neeraj Chopra, who bagged a gold medal in the final round of Men’s Javelin throw in Olympic 2020 on Saturday. The athlete became the first Indian to win the Olympic gold medal in athletics.

He won India a gold medal in 2016 in the World U-20 Athletics Championship. Since then Indian government had granted him a government support of INR 7 crore for his training and participation in various events across Europe.

Finance was allotted separately for hiring a bio-mechanist expert cum coach for his training at the National coaching camp and for foreign exposure. Injury management and rehabilitation along with Federation and NGO He was given financial assistance towards 26 international competitions in the current Olympic cycle.

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On the other hand, Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem landed in the fifth spot in the final round with a meagre resource back home to support his training for the mega event. Despite losing, Arshad Nadeem won massive praise and felicitations from across the country for reaching the highest level.

In his final attempt, the 23-year-old overstepped the line that immediately raised the red flag signaling the attempt as a foul. In the javelin, if the athlete touches the lines marking the runway during their throw, it is considered a foul. Arshad’s Javelin had traveled a distance of 84.63m that placed him at the fifth position.



His loss, however, triggered an important debate on the facilities provided to the athletes other than cricketers to participate in international events. According to his father, he did not even have the proper ground for training. In comparison to Neeraj Chopra, Nadeem was trained by a local coach whereas equipment for fitness and training was provided by his father.

Arshad practiced in the courtyard of his home and the streets. His father demanded that government should provide resources for the training of young and aspiring athletes. The plight of athletes raised questions on the work and efficacy of the Pakistan Olympic Associations. Calls have echoed of their resignations and the government has been pressured to analyze Pakistan’s downfall in Olympics over the years.

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Nevertheless, Arshad Nadeem even won praises from India. Neeraj Chopra also wished Arshad Nadeem to win a medal. According to Chopra, Nadeem’s triumph would have strengthened the presence of Asia on the podium.