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Saturday, April 13, 2024

India worried at Pakistan’s dominance in the OIC amid Kashmir offer

Pakistan is no longer isolated, in fact, India failed to isolate it. PM Imran Khan is leading a strong foreign policy that is highlighting key issues such as the Kashmir dispute in international politics.

Indian newspaper The Hindu reports that India asked the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to be aware of Pakistan’s tactics aiming to hijack the organization in order to intervene in the internal matters of India.

India asked for this when the OIC offered good offices for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. OIC Secretary-General Yousef al Othaimeen offered to send a delegation to Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, the United Arab Emirates also tried to mediate between India and Pakistan.

Amid international pressure, India asked for a meeting with OIC Secretary-General. At a meeting held on July 5, the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ausaf Sayeed and OIC SG “reviewed a number of issues concerning the situation of Muslims in India, along with the Jammu and Kashmir dispute…”

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Ministry of External Affairs stated that their ambassador clarified “misperceptions about India that are perpetrated by vested interests in the OIC.” It also said that “the OIC should be watchful that their platform is not subverted by these interests for comments on internal affairs of India or for anti-India propaganda through biased and one-sided resolutions.”

Indian statements clearly show the BJP-RSS Government’s frustration against Pakistan’s dominance in the OIC. Pakistan’s position is growing stronger in international politics especially because of its role in Afghanistan. Afghanistan which is at crossroads is going to decide who will dominate the future regional politics.

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So far Pakistan’s leverage over the winning Taliban group hints that the country will remain a key player in global politics. It is because China is also set to enter Afghanistan. Recently, The Sun has reported that China has sought Pakistan’s help to influence the Taliban. China, according to the British newspaper, aims to use the Taliban to ‘seize power in the Middle East,” – a major concern for India and the US; while a win-win for Pakistan.