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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Indian Army seeks Israel’s help to find its missing pilots?

On August 3rd, pilots went missing after an Indian Army helicopter crashed into the Ranjit Sagar Dam. To locate the missing pilots, the Indian Army announced that it will seek foreign assistance. Speculations abound that the "foreign assistance" could be Israel.

On August 3rd, an Indian Army helicopter crashed into the Ranjit Sagar Dam lake in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district. Indian rescue teams immediately rushed to the scene and later declared the two pilots missing.

After a week’s worth of search, the Indian Army failed to recover the missing pilots. However, as per media reports, the Army officially announced that it is using international assistance to trace the missing pilots.

“Experts and equipment from the Army, Navy, IAF, NDRF, SDRF, NGOs, state police, dam authority, and private firms from all over the country have been put into action,” said Lt Col Anand.

“Experts and specialized equipment and divers are flying in. International assistance is also being sought,” he further added.

The Indian Army did not disclose which country, however, there are speculations that the Indian Army is asking Israel for help.

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According to Indian media, sources in the defense establishment claimed that authorities will approach Israel for special equipment. Allegedly Israel’s special equipment can operate underwater at a much lower depth than Indian systems. As a result, they will be more suitable for the area.

The development came after one of the missing pilot’s brother took to Twitter to criticize the Indian Navy and Army for their unsuccessful attempts.

“We have lost all hope at this point. The anticipation, the wait, and day after day of futile search by the Navy and Army are torture for our mother who has to wait every day to hear any new,” he tweeted.

The Western Command then responded in a series of tweets. They said the Army is coordinating search and rescue efforts of the Indian Navy and Indian Army.

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The crash of August 3rd

An Indian Army helicopter crashed into the Ranjit Sagar Dam lake in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district on August 3rd.

The Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) belonged to Army Aviation and was a Weapon System Integrated helicopter.

According to locals, the chopper used to hover over the dam and drop a pipe into the water every day. However, it crashed the moment it dropped the pipe.

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India’s relations with Israel

The two country’s diplomatic relations are friendly, with Israel helping India on various occasions.

During India’s Covid crisis, Israel sent multiple shipments of medical equipment to India. The shipment included oxygen generators, ventilators, and medicine.

Furthermore, Israel is India’s second-largest defense supplier after Russia. From 1999 to 2009, the military business between the two nations was worth around $9 billion.

Military and strategic ties between the two nations extend to intelligence sharing on terrorist groups and joint military training.

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