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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Indian court blames BJP leader for Hindu tailor’s murder

The Indian Supreme Court on Friday lashed out at suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma over her controversial comments on Prophet Mohammed and said she “is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country”.

India’s supreme court has slammed suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma for her controversial statements on the Holy Prophet. The court blamed Nupur Sharma for the ongoing tensions in India as a result of the blasphemous remarks.

To clarify, last month, Nupur Sharma made disrespectful remarks about the Prophet (PBUH) and his wife during a televised interview. Her statements caused a storm both in India and the Muslim world.

The Gulf States protested against the remarks and demanded an apology. Meanwhile, the ruling BJP – after worldwide condemnation – distanced itself from Nupur’s statements and suspended her. However, the matter has not come to a rest as India continues to face diplomatic fallout from the Arab world.

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Moreover, the blasphemous remarks have ignited strong sentiments among Muslims in India and have even sparked violence. Different FIRs were filed in different states against Nupur over the remarks.

Nupur must apologize: Indian Supreme Court

Regarding the violence, a horrific incident took place in Udaipur where a Hindu tailor was beheaded for supporting Nupur Sharma’s statements.

According to Indian media, the victim was a tailor who shared a post supporting Sharma about 10 days ago and had since received death threats. The assailants came to his shop posing as customers before attacking him with large knives. They posted the gory video of the attack online drawing huge numbers of viewers.

The Supreme Court, on Friday, said former BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s outburst was responsible for the unfortunate incident in Udaipur.

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Justice Surya Kant, presiding over a two-judge vacation bench, made the remarks while hearing a plea by Sharma seeking clubbing of the different FIRs filed in different states against her over the remarks.

“She has threat or she has become security threat? The way she has ignited emotions across the country… this lady is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country,” Justice Surya Kant remarked as reported by Indian media.

The court also called out Sharma to apologize to the entire country [India] for putting its national security at stake.