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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian Cyber-Security Chief presents DG ISPR as a model to follow

ISPR commended by the cybersecurity chief of India, Lt Gen Rtd Rajesh Pant. This is certainly not the first time the nemesis has acknowledged the effectiveness of ISPR. Earlier, Indian General Rtd. Syed Ata Hasnain alerted Indian armed forces of its weak communication strategy against Pakistan in information warfare.

India’s cybersecurity chief, Lt Gen (retd) Rajesh Pant has praised the Inter-Services Public Relations and director-general of ISPR, Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor’s leading role in information warfare against India.

He praised ISPR while highlighting the ineffectiveness of the media strategy of Indian armed forces. He asserted, similar to ISPR, all the units of Indian forces must consolidate under a single media wing, to disseminate a collective message to the foreign and national audience.

Pant asserted that ‘Pakistan has got their act together’ in information warfare against India. Adding that Indian armed forces are failing to deliver effective narrative because all the branches of the Indian armed forces have their independent media wing and hence, “they are going in different ways.”

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He said that India entails an ISPR-styled communication wing to overpower Pakistan in the war of narratives.

He explained that ISPR smartly tweaks narratives on Kashmir issue, he was quoted as saying by India’s press agency.

Pant noted that, for instance, DG ISPR while addressing the European countries highlight the Kashmir issue on human rights violations. While talking to Islamic nations, he says Islam is under threat and they tell Southeast Asia that the regional stability is at stake due to Kashmir dispute.

He further added that “It is important to clarify what the three services of #Indian armed forces imply and mean by.”

This is not the first time, appreciation for ISPR has poured in from nemesis India. Earlier, in March DG ISPR, Asif Ghafoor had shared the video of former Indian General Rtd. Syed Ata Hasnain appreciating the foremost role of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), in thrashing the Indian Army in the game of modern Hybrid warfare.

The Indian ex-General was talking at the platform of the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London praised the effective communication strategies of ISPR to combat the Indian Armed Forces and their propaganda on social media, which is the crucial aspect of the Hybrid warfare.

He acknowledged that where India has failed to comprehend the demands of information warfare, ISPR’s proactive role has secured Pakistan and its armed forces upper hand over India in modern warfare in recent years.


He said: “I give full marks to Pakistan for how it has played out the information strategy. The ISPR did outstanding work for Pakistan.” He said that “ISPR has successfully ensured the detailed alienation of Kashmiri public against the Indian Armed forces first and then the Indian nation.”

“If anyone has taught us how to play information operation it’s the ISPR of Pakistan who has done it marvelously, I would like to give it back to them, always. Credit to them.”

Speaking about occupied Kashmir, he said, “From 2012 onwards Pakistan got the upper hand and the change of the generation and social media made all the difference. We didn’t know how to carry the information side of things but Pakistan has done it extremely well.”

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Meanwhile, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor has been at the forefront in busting the propaganda by India. On several occasions, he resorted to pre-emptive measures alerting the nation and global audience of the vindictive intentions of India to target Pakistan.

From addressing key press conferences to his social media messages, DG Ghafoor takes a sturdy approach to smash the vile propagandas from India and libelous targets on armed forces within the country.

DG ISPR’s profound comprehension enables him to tailor his speeches and assertions concerning the situation.

From mocking Bollywood for producing a movie on Abhinandan Varthaman, Indian Air Force Wing Commander, he has even slammed the intimidating statements by Indian armed forces on his Twitter account.

ISPR has been relentlessly working towards building a narrative against India, highlighting its complicity in bolstering terrorism in the region.

ISPR’s role has been modified particularly after the mini aerial combat between IAF and PAF in February this year that Pakistan sealed with triumph and India’s abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A on Kashmir in August.

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ISPR has been incessantly highlighting the atrocities of Indian armed forces in Jammu Kashmir to the world.

ISPR vigorously challenged the sham statements by Indian armed forces following the February’s aerial combat and snubbed India’s sham claims of damaging PAF jets in combat.

So far, ISPR’s effective role has led to the considerable recognition of Pakistan’s narrative on the Kashmir issue and related matters globally.