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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Indian govt should learn from foreign forces defeat in Afghanistan: Chairman IPP

Chairman IPP comments on Indian government notorious detention acts to suppress Kashmiris freedom struggle that these fascist tactics are futile. He urges the Indian government to learn lessons from foreign forces defeat in Afghanistan and understand that they cannot silence the Kashmiris for long.

Chairman Islamic Political Party (IPP), Muhammad Yusuf Naqash said on Monday that Indian govt’s fascist measures of suppressing freedom struggle of Kashmiris are in vain. He urges the Indian government to learn lessons from foreign forces defeat in Afghanistan and see that the real representatives of the soil become the ultimate winners.

By detaining the Hurriyat Conference leadership behind bars, torturing them, defaming them through the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and banning various freedom-loving organizations, the desire for freedom among the Kashmiris would only multiply.

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Kashmiris’ struggle surpass India’s repression

By commenting on the reports that Hurriyat Conference was likely to be banned by the Indian government under the infamous Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), Naqash said that India’s attempts to silence the Kashmiris are futile.

According to a press statement received here, Naqas said India blocked all avenues for Kashmiris to continue the freedom struggle through peaceful means, adding that it had always given a blind eye to the United Nations Security Council and United Nations General assembly resolutions on Kashmiri freedom and plebiscite.

It had violated all norms of international conduct with impunity and had never adhered to the rules and regulations laid down by the civilized nations of the world.

India should learn lessons from foreign forces defeat in Afghanistan

He said that the time is near when India would be consumed in its own fire of hatred. India’s border clashes with other South Asian states have already marred its international standing and he advised the country to learn a lesson from the defeat of foreign forces in Afghanistan at the hands of the real representatives of the soil.

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August 5, 2019 debacle internationalized Kashmir issue

He said Kashmir was internationally disputed territory adding that the Indian unilateral measures on and after August 5, 2019 have further internationalized the issue.

He said, the sacrifices of Burhan Wani, Ashraf Sahrai and thousands of other great sons  of Kashmir were a clear indication that Kashmiris would not bow down at any cost .

He said, by giving domicile of Jammu and Kashmir to non-state residents, turning the majority into a minority, renaming the ‘institutions’ highways and painting them in the colors of Hindutva, the Indian oppressive occupation has not been strengthened but further weakened.

Naqash also urged the international community to take serious notice of Indian government’s actions in IIJOK and  abandon its partisan approach. He appeals the international community to help the Kashmiris get their UN-mandated right to self-determination.

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