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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Indian intelligence warns of ‘Assassination Attempt’ on Modi

While India is fired up with CAB protests, intelligence reports have alerted about a possible assassination attempt on PM Modi by JeM. Are the reports true or is it India's ploy to deflect attention from CAB.

The fresh Intelligence report warned Indian security agencies of the possible assassination attempt on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Pakistan-based Islamist insurgency organization, Jesh-e-Muhammad.

The intelligence reports stipulated that PM Modi might be attacked during a rally at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi on December 22nd where he is scheduled to address the BJP supporters.

The intelligence reports have alerted that insurgent militant groups in New Delhi have been ‘mobilized to hit PM Modi’. The reports have cited the revocation of Article 370 and 35-A in August, the persecution of Kashmiris in the valley and the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Bill, the triggers behind the possible assassination attempt.

The Intelligence report incessantly blamed Pakistan’s prime spy agency, ISI for continuing to provide financial and logistical assistance to the terror groups

“The recent enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (December 12), the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict (November 9) and abrogation of Article 370 (August 5), besides pre-emptive air strikes on non-military targets inside Pakistan by Indian Air Force have added fresh dimensions to the threat scenario,” the intelligence report stated.

The special force of Delhi police has been informed to beef up the protection of PM Narendra Modi. The intelligence reports added that the Jaesh-e-Muhammad has been in anguish over the Indian Air Force’s aerial strike on their camps in Balakot, Pakistan in February.

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But DG ISPR had already discredited Indian claims of the surgical strike in Balakot. He added that no evidence of human settlements or any casualties were collected from the site where Indian Air Force jets had dropped their payloads.

The intelligence report was pitched in the Indian media at a time when India is inflamed with anti-CAA demonstrations. The Indian media is extensively flashing the intelligence reports of a possible terror attack on PM Modi.

Earlier, in January, Indian media and security agencies had instantly blamed militant organization, Jaesh-e-Mohammad for a deadly suicide attack on the Indian troops in Pulwama, IOK that left nearly 44 Indian troops dead.

The Intelligence report incessantly blamed Pakistan’s prime spy agency, ISI for continuing to provide financial and logistical assistance to the terror groups.

The note of the Intelligence report said: “In October 2019, letter received by National Investigation Agency (NIA) purportedly published by Lashkar-e-Taiba, threatened to target Indian dignitaries, including the Prime Minister, to avenge the alleged excesses by the Indian Armed Forces in Jammu and Kashmir.”

India has repeatedly blamed Pakistan for providing shelter to the anti-India militant organization that caused Pulwama attack.

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To pacify the disgruntled Indian nation and to mitigate the dissension on the BJP government for failing to avert the attack, IAF conducted a sham surgical strike in Pakistan. Moreover, the special intelligence report cited letters of JeM on various occasions that threatened to avenge Indian PM and NSA Ajit Doval.

Threatening letters from terrorist organizations

According to the intelligence report, in September 2019, Shams e e Wani of Jesh-e-Muhammad had written a letter to target PM Modi for the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A. Then in July 2019, Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, an Al-Qaeda faction in Kashmir, had warned the Indian government of more assaults.

The reports also claimed that a Delhi-based mujahid collaborated with the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba and JeM terrorists having Pakistani and Afghani passports for a terror attack in India around Eid-ul-Fitr.

The intelligence reports also cited an online article titled, ‘Lone Wolf- to carry Global Jihad’ allegedly posted by operative Ansarullah Bangla Team had urged Bangladeshis to target RSS and Hindu right-wing leaders.

CAB Protests

Currently, the BJP government is in the crosshairs following the controversial clauses of the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Widespread hue and cry follow days after the bill was tabled by Indian Home Minister Amit Shah.

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Earlier, the Indian state had spun the news of a probable assault by Pakistan armed forces on LoC, however, that too failed to alleviate the demonstrations. Perhaps, with the intelligence reports of the assassination attempt on PM Modi, is the Indian government playing another tactic to deflect the criticism from CAB.

The criticism on PM Modi continues to pour in as Indian social media users are censuring PM Modi for playing his politics under the garb of nationalism, anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim vendettas. An agitated Twitter user even commented that PM Modi’s political career will wither if words Pakistan, Muslims and Hindutva are removed from his ‘dictionary’.