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Friday, May 17, 2024

Indian police surprised after spotting Auto Rickshaw with 27 people inside

What police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh expected to be a normal traffic stop turned out to be a bewildering scene after 27 passengers were discovered to have ridden a single auto-rickshaw.

After stopping an auto rickshaw in Uttar Pradesh and learning that the driver was hauling 27 passengers, the policeman was struck speechless. Police officers counting people one by one may be seen in a viral video.

The incident was reported from central Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur. The autorickshaw provides seating for six people, but when it was halted, at least 27 people—including the driver and elderly and young passengers—were crammed inside.

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The video was captured by a bystander and shared on social media

The police officers on duty stopped the autorickshaw and used a speed gun to check it, according to local media, in the Bindki Kotwali neighborhood of Fatehpur. Police officers chased after the speeding car.

According to reports, the police were shocked to see more than twenty individuals exiting it when they eventually requested the passengers to disembark.

The passengers were purportedly going home after offering prayers on Eid al-Adha, also known as Bakrid, a holy festival observed by Muslims around the world.

Twitter users were left bewildered as to how the small vehicle was able to hold around nine times its maximum capacity, with one user writing, “Auto driver should be awarded.”

“That’s a minibus not [an] auto [rickshaw],” another user commented.

The autorickshaw has been seized

Two months ago, a video of an autorickshaw with a garden on its rooftop went viral on social media. The driver who came up with the idea won massive praise on Twitter and other platforms.

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Mahendra Kumar, the driver, came up with this creative idea to keep himself and his passengers cool during the scorching summer heat.

Mr Kumar managed to grow over 20 different varieties of herbs, vegetables and plants in this moving garden on the roof of his auto, according to a report by news agency AFP. He even planted crops such as lettuce, tomato and millets in the one-of-its-kind garden.

Kumar first put a mat on the roof, followed by a sack and then added soil to grow the garden. He waters the plants twice a day in order to keep them green and healthy, AFP report further said.